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The vet said...

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So, yesterday I called the vets office and asked the girl to ask the Dr if Innova EVO okay for my cats since they were on NB and my youngest isnt really eating it at all.... She came back and said that he doesnt know anything about Innova EVO and to put them on IVD..


what do you guy's think?
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I think your vet needs to expand his nutrition knowledge! I would expect my vet to know about all quality brands! Im sorry Im confused what is IVD? Im starting my Cats on Innova Evo tomorrow! They mainly get wet food (Felidae) but about 1/2 a cup of dry before I leave for work (this is because they don't eat much wet in the morning)! The only grip I have heard thus far about EVo is that it is high in ash!

Here is my Innova Evo thread I started today....
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Yeah, really..

IVD is for cats allergy formula food.. only can get it through the vet.
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Do your cat's have allergy issues?
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Yeah... we expect vets/doctors to know these things, but unfortunately more often then not they don't. The only way to get answers is to do the research yourself!
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well, my youngest a year ago was scratching his eyes and they did the blood test and said it was probably his food.. The thing is he still scratches just not to where his eye lids are bald..
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Also, I don't care how much their food costs! I just want like everyone else does the best for them!
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You might want to PM sharky she is highly knowledgeable about nutrition! She could help you on that!
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What is the suspect allergy and what foods have been eaten without problem??
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Before I switched to Natural Balnace Venison and Green Pea... All 3 were on Purina One and I would also give on the side the Friskies in the purple bag.. Which I'm sure was a bad choice too..

They have been on NB for about 1 and a half 2 years.. until the day before yesterday..When they did the blood test for dust, etc.. all came back negative.. so, that is why they said could be the food..

Unless it's like a habit to scratch, I don't know..

I called the VCA hospital last night to see if they IVD in and they have it on hold for me..
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I would actually for now use the RX as It is nearly idendical to NB
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Yeah, I'm goign to go and pick it up..

Who makes IVD?
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Royal canin/ Waltham
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Why is it just thorugh the vets?
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It is a medicinal food ie human RX
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