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Tgif Dt

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Wow, haven't done this in a couple days. Happy Friday everyone!

I'm pretty much over the flu that hit me earlier this week. Not fun. Luckily I didn't get the "clear out your system" flu that hubby had, but having intense stomach cramps was not much better.

Isn't it funny how men won't listen to their wives but as soon as someone else says it, it must be true? Hubby started seeing a personal trainer to help with his recovery from an accident 2 years ago. I've been telling him for at least a year that his back would get better if he would lose some weight, especially the big gut. He literally looks like he's about 7 months pregnant. Oh, no, dear. That's just a byproduct of the back pain. Whatever. So he sees the PT, and the first thing she said is that his lower back pain is mainly due to the extra weight! WOW, what a concept. Of course, now he doesn't remember me ever saying that. At least he is getting off his rear end and will start losing some of that weight.

I'm working all afternoon. Fridays are pretty slow since the office pretty much closes at noon. I can at least get caught up on some things, The Cat Site if nothing else.
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I decided to be industrious, today. Went to WalMart and had every intention of just buying cat food and litter. $64.00 later, I DID have the cat stuff but those red pants, with the glittery stuff on them were irresistible and Bill will love the NASCAR Christmas ornaments and the die-cast Rusty Wallace car.

Bill will be home, in about an hour and we've got the weekend to ourselves! We are, actually, going out to dinner and dancing tomorrow night - just like normal people!

Have a good weekend!
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I got my husband a cabinet for his die-cast race cars. Men can be hard to buy for. He's thrilled with it, but has it here in the living room, not at his place. (We're separated, but still a family, hard to explain) I got it on QVC. It's a Thomas Pacconi. He makes quality things, Cindy, if you need more ideas. It's lovely, and it rotates.

Heidi, I thought you were speaking a foreign language, so I just came to find out which one. I hope everyone else is smarter than I am, but I didn't know what a Tgif dt was until I got here. You're so right about men. They think we know nothing. I told my husband and his friend about notching a tree to direct its fall, and they told me "yeah, yeah, go back to the kitchen." We---lll, not exactly that, but you get the idea. Then my brother came and told them the same thing, and they said, "No kidding!" They notched the tree, of course.
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Well my test is done and I have a 3 day weekend to look forward too. It is the final weekend for horse racing at the Fort Erie race track so I will try to talk the hubby into going (just over an hour drive away - I do live 5 mins away from another track but this one is our fav).

The Royal Winter Fair is on at the Canadian Internation Exhibition grounds (CNE). It should be really interesting and i want to go this year - haven't been for many years. They have animal on display (farm animal in competion - eg best cow). It is the country come to the city. Some wonderful crafts and things to buy (good to start Christmas shopping). Wonderful food. I hope I can talk hubby into going!

Hope everyone has a great weekend & I'll try to get on line for some time this weekend!
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Just wanted to say Happy Friday to you all!!! I was having a great day until my 6 year old came home from school w/ a temp of 101 and is feeling yucky. Great! Just in time for the long weekend. But he got a flu shot a few days ago, and I am thinking that maybe its due to that. I hope.

I hope you all have a great weekend.
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TGIF is not even good enough for today! I have not been so happy to see Friday in a LONG time!

Been terribly busy at work..not getting home until around 6:30 every night , so I decided today I was leaving at 4:00 no matter what!

Went to dinner last night with Mike's Dad and stepmom. They treated us at a great Italian restaurant...it was SO yummy! I even had dessert...which I rarely do but the waiter said they were famous for their Tiramisu (which I LOVE) so I decided to go for it! Was YUMMY!!!

I finally finished my roll of film (yes I am one of the few without a digicam...but not for long) and I dropped it off a while ago. Can't wait to get the pics. I took some of Jedi that looked adorable (while I was taking them anyway!) so I am anxious to get them and see how they turned out. I'll post some if they came out OK.

Weather is supposed to be beautful here in DE this weekend, 70's and sunny! Woohoo! We've had so much rain here lately it will be nice to have nice weather on the weekend for a change. :tounge2:

Hope everyone has a pleasant Friday evening and an AWESOME weekend!
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*sigh* Friday nights seems so quiet here.....

Well, I for one, am sooooooo glad this week is over. It's been crazy at work, crazy at home and just plain crazy!!!

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for an overnight stay at a ski resort. No skiing but, we (5 other co-workers) rented a condominium and we are going to do some shopping, eating and sightseeing. I am really looking forward to the getaway. It'll be a nice break from my everyday life and the boys will have fun with their daddy (he was invited but had no interest in going).

I am bringing my camera along so maybe I will be able to post pics. Apparently the mountains are breathtaking there (no comparisson to BC)

Anyways....have a great week-end everyone and we'll talk soon!
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