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Urban Myth? Papa Visits His Kittens

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For all the grand-meowmys! Did a strange cat hang around your house after the kittens were born? I'm sure I've heard something about dad cats coming back to visit their kittens but I don't know if this is an old wives tales or what!

I ask because I found a stray girl at six months, she just followed me home and moved in and she looks so similar to a big cat (tuxedo markings and squishy pink noses) which lives near me (same street, different block of houses) and this cat is always hanging around her.

The first week I took her in, this cat came right up to my dining room window and stared at the kitten (she didn't notice or recognise him) and at the time I didn't think anything of it but she now looks more and more like him (only say him cos he's big and thought she'd remember her mum). He's very shy, compared to my fearless tiger, so I can't pick him up and see if he's a boy or a girl.

He does have a very distinctive face and nose so I'm pretty sure they're related. She also doesn't swat at him like she does at other cats but then again she just ignores him. Once she got out when she was small and I found her being very friendly under a car with a similar sized white kitty which I assumed was her littermate so she can't have come far.

I'm so curious about this, has it happened to anyone else? I'm also wondering, because this guy doesn't wear a collar but looks well fed, should I catch him and have him neutered? My cat has also has food intolences to grain and she was very messy till I worked this out - maybe others aren't so kind - and turn stinky kitties onto the street and never claim them (like mine) - I wouldn't want that to happen to another litter.
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First of all, Welcome to TCS! I sure you will find lots of useful information here!

As for the question of whether or not this could be her papa... I really don't know. It sure sounds like it could be. I'm sure someone with more experience will come along and give you better info than I can!

If possible, I would get that cat neutured because right now if he's just getting the whole neighborhood preggo, then there will be alot of strays running around already!

You should also visit the Caring for strays and ferals section. I'm sure you will find lots of useful information in there! Good Luck!
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It's a lovely idea, but sadly cats have no knowledge of parenthood as such. Even momcats often don't recognise or acknowledge their kittens after they are weaned and taken away. And brothers and sisters/parents and children will mate with each other if given the chance. That may be what you are seeing and be the explanantion for other such 'visits'. A mother cat can go into heat very soon after a birth, and if the father of her kittens is still around the neighbourhood he will pick up her scent and come calling. But it is Mom he is interested in, not his former progeny!
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I thought feral males tended to kill kittens. Or is that a myth?
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our kittens daddy(next door neighbours cat) is a gorgeous little black and white silky creature,he is so sweet and friendly,but he always lurks in our garden or near the front door.But i think he is coming for the mum.The kittens are safely tucked away upstairs
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first of all my question would be is she spayed? if no then this is why he is hanging around , not because he knows his the dad , but to mate with her , please keep her in doors at all times if she isnt spayed.
6 months and this time of year its very possible she is in heat , even if she dosnt show signs they can have silient heats.
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I suppose the dad cat coming back for the mum in heat after kittens would explain the old wives tale of dad cats visiting kittens.

However, since my cat is spayed, there must be another explanation - even if it is just plain cat randomness!

I'm going to put a collar on the suspected dad cat to ask his owners if he's neutered and for them to contact me if he is - otherwise he's going to the vets. Not technically the legal thing to do but after going to my yoga class last night and realising 4 people have taken in stray kittens in the last six months it's got to be done!
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Well since she's spayed it just might be more of the male wanting some food. I don't think they recognize their offspring once they leave.

Now I do know if they all stay together they would keep the bond longer. I was gonna say too, he's probably wanting to mate - but she's spayed
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