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the Daily Thread Thursday 4-19

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All us AI fans got our wish! NO MORE SANJAYA!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Had a great anniversary yesterday, now back to work.

And I am very glad today's holiday is today, I would hate to have my anniversary coincide with this one...

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready.

I am glad that you had a great anniversay Neet

And I am glad that Sanjaya is gone too
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Gotta go and get ready to greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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A cow chip day?. People actually throw that stuff?

Morning ladies Another sunny, but chilly day here in the UK.

I've just booked my train tickets to go up to see Gil next month My teeth are a bit sensitive this morning with the whitening, so i hope it settles down soon. The things we do for vanity
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I have my suitcase out... (im really obsessed about my trip )

No its because teufel peed on it a while ago and now it stinks i just want to wash it and let it disinfect in the sun for a couple of weeks

I have to fly to italy in june to see my parents
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Good morning

The weather is so nice outside... finally.
Unfortunately I'll spend the whole day inside working on papers.

Just a few more days until vacation! (and with my luck, it'll probably be raining by then)
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Good Mooooooorning everyone!!

Well I went to look at a car afer work yesterday, and the body was in rough shape and they were asking $10000 So, I said heck no!

Then me and a friend went to dinner to a Peruvian place, and it was so good..thats the second time I've been there. Dang the food is good, I highly recommend it

Um, nothing much up here today..supposed to be sunny and 13 degrees
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We've lost our claw clippers. I knew both cats needed their claws trimming but it was rammed home to me this morning when Sonic ran across my bare foot and left me pouring blood from 2 scratches. I put a sock on to go back to bed as I didn't wan't to bleed all over the bed and had to soak it off when I got up And now Radar has yukked up - next to the telly over the TV/DVD cables. Nice. Good choice of spot Radar.

Anyway, morning/afternoon everyone!
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I would've paid to see your face when you heard Sanjaya got voted off, Neet.

Warmer, some sun, but the next weather change is announcing itself in my back. Also had some interesting dreams last night. Not sure if they were caused by the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll or the garlic bread stick from Fazoli's.

Poor Epona...
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Morning all- I'm still not up to feeling 100% today, my back hurts incredibly bad from sleeping awkardly, other than that, its a gloomy morning and I just want to go back to bed
Have a good day
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I guess Teufel was trying to tell you what he thinks about you going away by peeing on your suitcase Fran

I'm feeling much more refreshed today. I had a great 11 hour sleep I needed it after staying up for 48 hours...I was starting to go a bit bonkers

Have a great day everyone!!
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I've had cats (probably Ox) pee on a suitcase too.
I'm glad Sanjaya got voted off-know it will get intense.
Off to work in a few minutes-shoulders, back and hand sore but the $$ is nice.
Sunny high of 60 today.

Have a good one!!
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Morning all, it is a great day for me. I am off of work today. Finally, after working 45 hours in the last 4 days. That's why I havent been on much..I have been working like a mad woman since returning to work. I really need the $$. I miss talking with you all..Just a day of "rest" here for me..Weather is going to be awsome here in the 70's.
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Morning all.
Just got done at the insurance place and am now thinking about going back to bed for a nap before work tonight.
Got rudely awakened again at 5:30am by Banshee cat(Isis) I was so tired I thought it was Neffie and didn't put 2 and 2 together until I got up at 7 to get ready for our appt. I still am not sure exactly what happened, all I remember is Twig running from the kitchen into one of the cubes, then Isis, and Rocket, Luna no where to be found and Neffie under one of the chairs in the kitchen.
So I picked her up and went back to bed. Who knows what happened? Isis probably saw another cat outside and freaked (which she does oh so very well) and I just caught the after math.

Oh well, I think I'm going to go and lay down, my head is killing me.

Have a great day all. Enjoy cow chip day!
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Its real sunny and hot here

Unable to get claw clippers due to gridlock at Canning Town- had to walk home and traffic still wasn't moving so might try tomorrow

Still sad to hear about Sanjaya
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