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HELP - kitten is sick...

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We are hosting a mother (about 1+ year old) and two kittens (female) - about 8 weeks old all from a city shelter where they were in a cage...

The first week was perfect, and all was fine until on a second week (a few days ago) all of them started sneezing - but no other symptoms at all - they are playing and eating as usual (dry, wet food and mothers milk)...

Now I came home from work an noticed that one of the kittens has an acute inflammation of nictitating membrane (the left eye)!
* For this kitten the eyes seem to be a bit less open (on the picture/while holding she closes them much more then usually)
* From what I see there is no discharge from the eyes (see picture)
* The eyes are as moist as usual

(URL )

I am very concerned - it is night now so no vet... by the morning I hope to find out what it is / how serious it is from a person/vet online who may know - perhaps you know something and/or can forward this link to someone who would know/could help...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all...
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It looks like there's a little discharge around the nose too. It's not uncommon for kittens to pick up colds like this when they're in shelters. Some antibiotics from the vet and maybe an eye ointment should help.
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strange wings is right. In a shelter environment, cats often pick things up. There are often too many cats in too little space. It could easily be a URI(Upper Respiratory Infection). I would contact the shelter right away to notify them. The kitties need to be seen by a vet to determine for sure what is wrong.
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nothin a little clavamox and terramycin can't clear up...with my last set of fosters I thought I should take in stock in the stuff!
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I will see how it will be tomorrow and see what I will do... and let you know...
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on the way to the vet
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My little kitty came from a shelter and he had cat flu when I got him. He was sneezing and had discharge from eyes and nose. He had antibiotics and an eye cream, he got an ulcer on his tongue which ade it hard for him to eat. He had quite a bda case so he had over 10 days of antibiotics poor thing. I couldn't leave him there to get worse or keep getting it. It is very common in shelters as has been said. He is fine now, a very happy little chap!! I hope it all goes well at the vet, keep us posted!
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OK - I went to the vet

I got:

for the - inflammation of nictitating membrane (in the left eye): Vetropolycin - bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin veterinary ophthalmic ointment

for the possible infection - antibiotic: Clavamox - amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium (oral drops)

Question: antibiotic goes to the mother - but the mother may (seems to - not 100% sure) have finished feeding them - weaned - so they will not get the antibiotic through her

Is there any way to have her feed them for this very important cause (if they have an infection it may save their life) - or is it a done deal?

(URL )

per vet it is nothing too serious...

we'll hope for the best...

I gave my best - what else can I do?

Thank you all...
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update: the kitten recovered - the eye is almost back to normal - but other two got it - we are applying Vetropolycin 3x a day to the infected eye(s) (mom has both and other has one)...
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Hopefully they all get better soon!
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Sounds like conjunctivtis - if the others got it - it can be passed from cat to cat.
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