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Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK on your test!

Knock them dead girlfriend!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Thanks! I an trying to work, keep up on TCS and study all at the same time right now! LOL - if I don't know it by now....

I'll let you know how it goes - I have 40 minutes before it starts and it should last 2 hours.
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You'll do great Ady!
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Ok - I am logging out now and going to walk to the test site! Urgh! I hate tests!
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Keeping you in my thoughts Ady - and sending "right answer" vibes your way!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!
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Ok - I am done! I either did really well or really screwed up. Except for 1 question I think I did well. I provided reasoning for all of my answers. Only prob was that they didn't put beside each question the mark it was out of. If I know the marking value of each question I can determine how much writing must be done. Every other test I had for work was done with the marking scheme in place. It should be a month or so before I find out if I passed the test and get to the interview stage. At least this part is over. Thanks all for your well wishes - I hope they work. If I get this new job, however, I would be on the cat site less!
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Wow, a month before you know the results? I think I would go crazy with anticipation.

At least it is over! Enjoy the weekend!
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Ady, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you the whole time!

See what friedns do for one another????

I'm sure you did well.
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I'm sure you did well too! I'm sorry I was too late to wish you luck before you took it, but let us know when you find out how you did on it!
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