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SO I was being nice today adn I said mom lets get lunch my treat (she treated me yesterday) I said we will order hoagies or something. My moms a house cleaner to (her own business) so I have been helping her out alot and will be after her surgery so we go to her one friends house which my mom cleans and keeps in order, now this is in an expensive neighborhood, well we find one place at thee time only place we found around there and it was in the pennysaver, so i make her call! Well i was saying it better be good for over $20 (I am cheap lol) Well let me tell u, the hoagie was 16 inches long and it was the best I have ever had same with my mom, and the onion rings they made so excellent! They used that good steak too, it was just soo whos always hunger didnt even want dinner tonite and i couldnt even finish the sandwich! Great on timing too! The bad part is they only have 2 places, downtown and in shadyside which is a little far from us It was just soo good, and the service was GREAT! I had to share this with yall and well i did have a post about bad service when ordering but man this was EXCELLENT!!!