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Some updates.

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Good evening cat people!

Just a few updates...

I finished my thesis today!
Turned out that my friend only went through 5 pages of it (he was supposed to look at the whole 35 pages) and had very few changes. Which is normal because I had already edited it myself.

I'm also almost done my first term paper (due Friday), and I'm really happy with it. I think my prof will like it too.
I have another paper due Friday too, and this one isn't going great. I sent a draft to my prof on Saturday, he told me he'd look at it, and I haven't heard back yet.

I'll send him a gentle reminder.

Then one more paper left, due some time next week. (officially, Tuesday, but the prof is flexible with deadlines)

After that, I'm done with my B.A.

Other update: my parents did my tax return and it seems that I'll be getting around $2000 back!

Now I just wished I could go to sleep, but I have to get back to work.

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Wow, you seem VERY busy- but just think - your so close to being done with your B.A.! Good for you!!

And YAY for getting a good sized refund back! Do something fun your yourself and the kitties!
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wow sounds like you've been swamped! but i see you have a bit of good news! that's great!!! i'm happy we can celebrate a bit with you!
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Wow you have been busy, just get through the next week or so and it will all be over and you can spend some of that tax return as a reward
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Congrats on the BA and the money. Keep up the good work.
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looks like you've got a good start on things. Wow 2000 back from taxes... I wish!

Good luck with your term papers looks like you have a good start on them at least. I somtimes wish I was still in college... except for the homework.
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I really can't wait to be done! I really do love what I'm doing, but after doing the history honours program in two years (which is insane! don't ever do that.) I need a break.

As for the money, I'm not much of a spender. But I'm really happy that I don't have to worry about having a job right away. I can actually take some time off!
I have been living in Montreal for the last two years, and I've barely seen the city. I feel like all I've seen is the university and my apartment.
So I need to go out! Go up on the mountain, wander around chinatown, the Old Port...

I wish I was done already.

anyways, off to bed now. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very long day.
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sounds good,!!! keep up the good work
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That's awesome, what a load off your mind getting your thesis finished
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