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Kitten color predictor

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Has anyone else seen this? http://www.geocities.com/purrceptive.rm/catColor2.html.
I did a Google search to see if I could find something that would predict what colors the kittens might be.. and I found this link. Just thought I would share!
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That's interesting. I had fun experimenting with it. I wonder how accurate it is?
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No idea how accurate it is, but it sure is fun!
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thanks for that - I'll let you know if its true (mist likely is) once Olivia has given birth. According to that, she should be having a fair few white babies with blue or blue tabby markings.
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I played with it but have no idea who daddy was. since i have a blue cream baby. i'm asumming it was a tabby Black(brown) or a red Tom.

It was fun
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I had a go, but it didn't have an option for lilac which the daddy is so not sure...was fun playing though!! I used another program called breeders assistant and that told me i'd get blues, blacks, red tabby, cream tabby or tortie. But then a breeder friend told me i could actually get any of the british shorthair colours more or less! So we'll just wait and see!!
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i played about with it for a while. but they dont have fluffys colour black and white so i went with black. i think the dad might be a tabby as we have a lot of male tabbys round here , some i know are neutered others are not.
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I can only guess with my girls too. When Sasha escaped, I did see her hanging around with the big Siamese a lot and never did see her near another male but that doesn't mean anything. Missy showed up at our barn already pregnant, she could have been here for awhile and I just didn't see her or she could have come from the neighbor's barn... the males that I know are here and at the neighbors are: seal point Siamese, solid black one, yellowish colored one, and a grey and white one. And also I found Stanford in the highway nearby, he was intact at the time. And of course, the neighbor could have others that I've never seen before too. So it's anybody's guess!
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