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cat was dumped by neighbor

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My neighborhood has been over run with cats because of a man that won't spay or neuter. He has let them get out of control. I just found homes for 8 kittens and had several adult cats fixed. I am looking for homes for two adult males. One was a beautiful cat that was very friendly. It has been missing for several days now. I heard through a neighbor that it was taken off and dumped by another neighbor. I have gone to the neighborhood where this cat was supposedly dropped off but can't find it. He is so friendly and pretty. I'm hoping he will go to someone's house and be fed and taken in. What else can I do to find him? I've knocked on doors and put up several posters. I would stop looking if I knew he'd be alright. This is an unusually beautiful cat. Looks like he could be on a commercial. Surely someone will want him. I guess I need a little reassurance. I can't stand the thought of him starving. Thank you.
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Cathy, for as many cat haters out there, there are an equal amount of cat lovers.

I hope your pretty kitty has found a new caring home in your neighbourhood. I do think you should keep looking though, just in case . . .
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I bet that if he hasn't come back around he found a place where they are treating him well...good luck and keep searching!

charlottiek, Nini-kitty, and Lila the Lioness
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Thanks for the comforting words. I will keep looking. He was dropped off in a large neighborhood. Surely someone will take him in. Everyone that saw him at my house commented on how pretty he was. He was next on my list for neutering.
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Could you ask the man if he actually did this and where he took the cat? Sometimes second hand info, even if well meaning, is inaccurate. A cat that pretty has probably charmed his way into a warm house and full food bowl! The man that allowed this to happen should be reported to whatever authority takes care of animal population in your area. There is no excuse for letting this situation get so out of control that his neighbors feel they have to resort to such measures, and though a great thing for you to be doing, it is not you responsibilty to take care of his cats, or find homes for kittens. Bless you for being such an angel of mercy for these poor little creatures. I hope you find out what happened to the pretty fellow. Please keep us posted!
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I've tried to talk to this man before and he's not very cooperative. I'm afraid it'll make him mad and he'll take another one off somewhere, which he might do anyway. Right now I have 3 in my house and they don't get along. One in every bedroom. One is my 13 year old cat. She stays in all the time anyway. At one time the neighbor that started this problem had 34 kittens. We don't have a humane society here. If I complain to the city they'll be taken to the pound and kept only 3 days before euthanized. This is a sad situation. Thanks for writing.
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I'm proud to say my pretty kitty found his way home. It took him 5 days but he's back. I was shocked to walk out this morning and see him waiting patiently for me to feed him. He looks fine but was very hungry. He is to be neutered this week and I've found a good home for him. Don't you just love happy endings?
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Cathy, that's fabulous news. I'm happy this little baby is going to get a second chance.

It's like my Ferdy. I used to feed him, he knew when I was due home from work and would be waiting outside my back door. I used to panic if I got caught in traffic and was going to be late back.

He disappeared for about 6 months, and I had resigned my self to the fact that he was an ex-cat.

Then one day, he turned up out of the blue and eventually we took him in and had him fixed.

He's now a happy, fat indoor kitty.
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Cathy Bless You! So many would not take the time to do anything and you are doing so much!
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The 2001 Texas Legislature passed a bill that makes abandoning an animal a state offense. If you can get any proof at all, please report this person to the police and make sure he is charged. We all need to speak up, b/c the kitties can't do it.

Here is a link to the actual bill - Title 9, Chapter 42 of the Texas Penal Code:
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Thanks for the info. I would love to have this man arrested but so far not enough proof. I'll be watching and listening though. Maybe something will turn up. Several of my neighbors are watching him too. I don't see how anyone could do such a thing. I watched Animal Planet last night and a lady put 13 newborn puppies in the trash. A neighbor heard them crying and the woman was charged. Just makes me sick that people could be so cruel.
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