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Whenever I start talking about my cats someone always says "you're nuts." and then I just reply with "no I'm just a slave."
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Cats are wonderful and there is no such thing as being too into them

When I get the extra money I plan to get a locket of some sort to wear containg the little piece of Alley's fur that I have, in memory.
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YES! All I talk about is my cats... I can't stop buying stuff for them! I am always looking into nutrtion for them and the best kitty toys and furniture! LOL I show people their pictures when deep down I know they dont care! My cats are like my children! I think I need professional help lol!
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sometimes I think cats can be better than children, you can baby them forever and they don't talk back

one time my DH said, "babe your crazy about the cats, it's all you talk about" I said "yeah your just as crazy, you asked me to send your phone pics of them from my phone when you were away for a week, you just don't show it as much as I do"
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I always get called the crazy cat lady at work.
I have no kids, my animals are my kids. If people do not like it, it's their problem.
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I think I must have an obsession over every animal on the planet. Not 1 day goes by when I don't mention Tab, horses, dogs, my rabbit and my bird. Everywhere I go (if I have enough cash) I buy something for my pets, I think maybe the fact I them so much and the fact I see them every day is why I never shut up about animals!!
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Who knows if I will ever find a guy that can put up with me and my animals. . .
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