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I'm afraid....

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I went to PetSmart yesterday and made the mistake of stopping in the room with the cats for adoption. So there I was, tears in my eyes, talking to the sweet kitties in their cages. One had been at the spca for 6 of the 18 months of her life!

So I am afraid that I'll have a second cat sooner rather than later. I went home and asked Sam "Do you want a new kitty to play with?".

Thus will begin my descent to crazy cat lady.
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Hey - join the rest of us!

There's nothing wrong with beign a crazy cat lady, it's actually quite fun and worth every moment.
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Last June we had no cats and were feeding one stray. Now we have three pet cats inside and are feeding 10 or more ferals and the one stray, who we've found a home for and are just figuring out how to get her there! We're working to get the kittens adopted and....

...those pet store animals make your heart just break! At least PetSmart works with animal shelters and actively works with pet adoption programs!

GO FOR IT!!! Make a kitten's day!!!!

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and two cats are better than one! But it should be of the opposite sex and 'sexually inexperienced'. That's what I've heard.
That's exactly what prompted me to get another kitty. My tigger was home alone so much because my hubby and I work nights and then sleep all day and then go back to work again, so we really weren't spending that much time with her. So we went to the SPCA to 'look around' and sure enough, one little orange cat took my heart away and I adopted it before another family could. My Tigger has never been around a male cat before so it's definetly something she's taking her time getting used to. I must say though, since we got him, she's WAY more cuddly. Always trying to climb on me while I'm typing! haha. uh-oh, here she comes!
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I once adopted an eight month old kitty who had spent six of those months in a no-kill shelter. Kitties like these are sooooo grateful to be given a home. Don't be afraid to adopt another one!
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I have the same problem. I am convinced that the Humane Society is stalking me. We got Opie, there in January. In April, at the County Fair, their mobile unit was there. THAT got us Rowdy. A week later, we went to Home Depot. Guess what was parked, right by the front door? Every time we go to PetsMart - there they are, again! Two weeks ago, we went to the Home Show. Once again - there was that big RV!

We've agreed to wait, until after Christmas, to get another cat. One thing is certain - we WILL get another one and it will come from the Humane Society. I've been telling myself "you can't save them all" but, I HAVE been putting all of my change and dollar bills, in their donation cans.

Don't feel badly - we're ALL crazy cat people, here.:disturbed
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Sam would probably LOVE a new playmate, he just doesn't know it yet. Laurie said you would make a kitties day. No, you would make a kitties LIFE!

I should have known I was bound to be a crazy cat lady. We had gotten the kittens not 4 or 5 months before and went to Petsmart to get more kitty supplies. Sure enough, the kitty adoption people were there, and the lady had the sweetest little black kitten tucked into her jacket, trembling. He was just a tiny little thing, and she told us that he and his sister had been tossed out the door of a moving car going at least 35 mph!! His sister had been adopted, but he was still so scared of everything that they needed to find just the right home for him. I cried the whole way home saying that I wanted that baby, that I knew we could make him OK and not scared. Unfortunately, we already had 2 cats and the least stipulated 1 so there was no way in the world I could bring home another baby. But I SO wanted to!!
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And Sammie5,I totally understand wanting to bring home that little furball! Especially if all he knows is having a life in a shelter.

katl8e , I resent being called a CRAZY CAT lady!!

I am a CRAZY KITTEN lady instead!

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Yup, I know I'm in trouble. The thing is, Sam comes to work with me, so he is really spoiled - can be with me 24 hours a day. He thinks that I should spend all of those waking hours playing with him, so I think a cat type companion would be good for me, if not for him. The two cats I fell in love with were both female, one age 1 1/2, one age 2, and both a lot smaller than Sam.

He has been with me to visit his little kitty cousin, and although she was a bit wary of him, he didn't mind her at all - and I know that it would be different on his own territory, I think that he'd actually like another cat.

Although I know what he would really like is a pet bird, like the pair of finches that live at Grandma's house. He just wouldn't like it the same way we like it.......He spent the entire visit lying on the floor watching them, I think plotting how to get in the cage, and was really mad at me when I made him leave.
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Heidi how horrible! People can be so mean! The things they would rather do to babies than get their own pet spayed or neutered. It's inhumane!
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I know how you feel! I have three already. Everytime I go to Petsmart I see kitties that need homes. It's soo tempting. There is a famous saying that I have on my refrigerator...One cat just leads to another!

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Been there done that - that is why I try to avoid those places. That is how I ended up with Merlin (sick at Petsmart) and Striker (unwanted at the vet's). Each cat exponentially adds love to your life - can't go wrong with that!
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We completely understand, but it's not a descent to crazy cat lady, it's an ascent. Someone must have mispoken! Be careful about Petsmart. A lot depends on the manager. Sometimes those kittens are not well cared for. I know how tempting it is, though. It's so sad to think of cats living in cages for months, but according to the animal shelter in Pittsburgh, most adult cats do not adopted at all. That's tragic! If there's room in your hearts for an adult cat, they are in great danger of being put down; they really need us.
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The cats at my local PetSmart look really well cared for. They have spotlessly clean cages, including the litter boxes, and they all have lots of toys in their cages. Also, they are from the Humane Society, and there are always different cats.

I'm absolutely committed to getting another adult cat - that is, in that mythical future time when I just possibly, might, get another. Which would be a calico, between 2 & 5 years old, probably declawed (because she would be an indoor cat, and I think that declawing makes it more difficult than normal for adult cats to be adopted). Oh, and she will weigh around 7 or 8 pounds. Of course, I have no specific plans to get another cat, just that is what I would get if I were going to.......
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Sounds like some kitty has already won your heart. Or is that really a hypothetical kitty for your future?
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I would adopt them all if I could! Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't want that many. I've got my two babies, and I'm getting Boo next week, and possibly Meggie, and I'm trying to talk him into adopting one of the strays around here. We know who the stray belongs to, she has a collar and tag. We contacted the owner, he came and got her, and 2 days later she was back at the patio, begging for food. We've had her inside before, but she's a very determined kitty... she's gone through 2 screens so far in her desparate flight outside But four seems to be the limit for us, at least while we live in a 2 bd apt.
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My absolute cat limit is 2! Unless my daughter begs me to take one she removed from an abusive home, or one gets thrown out the car window in front of me going into Wal-Mart. Oh, yeah, or unless one escapes from a box left in front of my local Petsmart and the employees can't catch it and I find it under a shopping cart. Funny how those things happen! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Well, the problem is that I already had an idea of what I liked, and that description was sort of it. And then the kitty at PetSmart that reached her little paw out of the cage to play as I passed by sort of fit that description. Sort of exactly fit that description.

However, I need to consult with my neighbour - it's a bit complicated. We "share custody" of Sam. We're in an old house, three floors, with my business on the main floor, my apartment on the second, and hers on the third. We have open doors - mine all the time, hers when she is home. And she has a really close friend who works at an animal shelter. So we really should have her friend find the hypothetical second cat. Seeing as her friend has been trying to talk her into a second cat since we got Sam from her a year ago.
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The PetsMarts, here have specific days, for the Humane Society, Animal Control and the Hermitage No-kill Cat Shelter. For years, I have been dumping my spare change.

Note to self: I can't save them ALL; I can't save them ALL.....

BTW: Russian Blue, just what's wrong, with being a crazy cat lady? I do not suffer from insanity - I'm enjoying every minute of it! :tounge2:
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I can relate! I have to stay away from pet stores because I always want to take EVERY animal home with me!

Mike and I have talked about getting another kitty so Jedi would have a playmate...but we are SO cramped up in this apartment as it is, we decided to wait until we get a house. I could have 10 kitties running around...even here! I don't care if the place is a little small...just makes for that much more "togetherness" for us all! But, Mike wants to I'll wait.
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Originally posted by Jeff24Girl
I don't care if the place is a little small...just makes for that much more "togetherness" for us all!
I feel the exact same way!!
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I want a new kitty so bad, but hubby says NO!!

I have been putting the pressure on him this past week, but he will just not budge on the issue.

Kiki wants a new playmate too. In the near future there just may be a new little furbaby that shows up outside and then hubby couldn't resist.

I am such a little devil!!!
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Whenever Darrell and I go into a pet store and there are little kitties running around (this one pet store near us keeps the cage open for their kitties when they get them in, unless they're babies) Darrell always keeps an eye out and follows them around and picks them up and then looks at me with these big puppy dog eyes. I'm like "honey, I really wish we could..." and he's like "'re right" and slowly puts the kitty down. We could have a dozen cats by now, but I would rather rescue one then just adopt one, you know what I mean? Plus, one day we want to have kids...
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Sammie5...I hope you decide to get another kitty! It would be a very lucky kitty to have you for a mom!
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