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Stress relief is...

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The sound of a ball with a bell in it being rolled across the floor a room away.

Looking at your first and therefore dearest kitty as she sits a mere inches away from you on top of your desk. Not wanting anything, just being next to you because that's her favorite place to be.

I love my furbabies so much. And I am thankful for what they give me, almost unconditionally (well, they are felines, after all) every single day.
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stress relief is...

Being unconditionally loved on even when you are in a bad mood.
Being nudged with a nose so hard you have to move.
Petting a cat who loves you more than anything in the world.

My cats are my kids. I love them more than some family members!! haha!!
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Aww. I know just what you mean and just how you're feeling. Aren't we lucky to have these creatures in our lives?
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You're so right
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Stress relief is:

Getting that "good night" lick just before falling asleep after having a bad day.

Walking into the door to all of the wonderful "hi" meows.

Knowing that you are never "alone" in bed at night..All of the kitties are sleeping near/touching you.

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hehe , i like when i have both cats sleeping right next to me
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Its so hard being kitty-less

Less than 3 months left though!
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Stress relief is:
  • Coming to the cat forum and reading how other cat owners just absolutely love their feline companions.
  • Having my just bathed cat sitting on my lap purring away while I type this.
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