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Cause for concern?

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About a month ago, my boyfriend and I bought a kitten (Willow). She will be four months old on Saturday. At the time we bought her, she seemed to be pretty much in perfect health. The vet report we got with her said that as well, although it also said she had previously had some nasal discharge.

The first week we had her, we noticed she had 'eye goobers', pretty much constantly. When, we took her to a vet for her "new pet" check up, and he said she was fine, as well. He said the eye discharge was probably caused by her teeth coming in, which are pushing against the eyes. Or something. It made more sense when he said it.

About two weeks after that, I was looking at her when I noticed a white spot near her right nostril that I had never seen before, and immediately thought back to the previous 'nasal discharge' she supposedly had. However, I passed it off as something I just hadn't noticed before, and forgot about it.

Today, my boyfriend asked me if he'd noticed that Willow's breath had been raspy lately, specifically through her nose. I haven't noticed this, but apparently he has. He said he's only noticed it when she gets really riled up. He checked her nose and noticed it was a bit crusty, and wiped it out, but her breathing was still like that afterwards. This could just be hard breathing after running around, though; that's a normal reaction, I think.

I also asked if he'd seen that white spot. He said that he'd noticed it as well, but that it's not there anymore.

She still gets discharge around her eyes, and has since the day we brought her home.

So, now, we're wondering if we should be concerned about this. I don't want to bother my vet about it if it's nothing at all! The next time we'll see the vet is when she goes in two months to be spayed.

As for other things that might help:
-she is eating normally ("Nutrience" dry kitten food daily, "Fancy Feast" wet food twice a week)
-she sleeps quite a bit, but when she's awake she is pretty active
-she has sneezed, but only when poking around in her litter and once when she stuck her face in the water bowl

Everything else seems normal, but if there's anything I've missed...
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PLEASE see a different vet ... opps
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But please see a DIFFERENT VET. The one you have taken her to has obviously not given you a diagnosis, and it sounds like there IS something wrong with the poor girl.
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YUP! I say the same thing. And please don't wait the 2 months until she gets spayed...bring her now! Even if there is nothing wrong, you don't want to wait until it's too late
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Darn, I was hoping I was worrying for nothing.

There's a clinic around here that specializes in cats. I'll be setting up an appointment there as soon as possible.
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I have an 11 week old kitten with none of the symptoms your little girl has.

Please do see a different vet. Healthy kittens shouldn't be wheazing after playing nor have eye and nose issues. Please do let us know what the vet says.

Also, we would love to see photos when you can
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