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HRH Kitty Poo Poo

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Now His Royal Highness is at home more I had the chance to get some more pictures!

He wasn`t impressed with the new toy I got him as a peace offering

He rather play with my riding whip....

...even if he does look like a fuzzy peach!

It was all very tiring for him
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So cute!!!!
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theres that handsome boy again

you know I just cant get over his fantastic colouring

aww love him !! look at that last photo give that tummy a little gentle rub from us
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awww Mr Kitty, have you forgiven Meowmy yet? I just can't get over the striking contrast beetween his eyes and fur!!
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those pics are great he is soo GORGEOUS
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Oh my is he ever gorgeous! He looks so much like a kitty in the shelter here...only this kitty is all orange & I've never seen such a "pure dark" orange!
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Awwwwwwww look at the way he's sitting looking at that piece of string
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Awww, what cute photos of your little man! He looks very happy!
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So cute... I want to kiss him! As my mom says (to my orange tabby) "It's tough being orange"! LOL Beautiful!
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How precious! I just love the white markings on his face. So pretty!
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He is so good looking!!!

I have a orange tabby they are so adorable and cuddly.
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He's so handsome Awwww
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I love his one red toe.

His eyes are so striking!
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Kitty would like to thank everyone for your lovely coments
So would I!

He`s not quite forgiven me yet but he did sleep on my bed last night
I love his one ginger toe too! It looks like he`s got a hole in his socks

It`s sad one of his ginger/orange cousins is in the shelter. I`ve got my fingers crossed for all of them
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What a handsome fellow.
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Gorgeous pictures

Reminds me of 'Ginger' our local (and very friendly) ginger cat
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Thank you! Yeah, he was a stroppy stray but he`s a big baby now
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Oh my LORD look at that handsome little muffin!!! I LOVE the last one.... I just wanna cuddle him!!!
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Why thank you!
Yep! When he`s asleep I look at that big fluffy tummy and I`m itching to stroke it but I know it would end in a trip to A & E!!!
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I love orange kitties, but I really love orange sleeping kitty pics. Great pics..
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Oh, what a lovely boy!
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Awww...he IS a little fuzzy peach!!!!!!!!!!!!
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