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Thank you

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This is just a little message to say Thank you to Anne..

I was quite upset that i could not post a few days ago but i am able to now thanks to you.

Thank you, you handled my request very well especially when i am sure you could tell i was upset in my email. But it is a pleasure knowing i can post on the forums again..

Best Wishes
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Yeah, Anne is great. When I first registered, it took a couple days for my confirmation email to come in, so I emailed her to ask about it. She was so nice where most people would have got frustrated with me.
Thank you, Anne.
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You're both most welcome. And I apologize again for the delay. I get an average of 200 emails a day and sometimes I just lose track
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200 e-mails a day!!!!

WOW!!!! And here I thought 225 in 4 days was alot!!! How do you keep track of everything!!! You do such a great job!!! And I know how hard that must be especially with a baby!!!!
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