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Tough call...what would you do?

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I'm finishing up my last project for the semester. It's a group project and my part is a little more involved.

I have a source that is like gold for this project. However I don't really want to broadcast that I have this source to anyone. Basically its a digital copy of our book prior to going to publication (our teacher wrote the book).

I'm sure that other people do have copies of it...the book was first published last year. However many things were cut out of it, including the chapter I need.

Should I refer to it or use something else for the information I need? Or just site the book generically and not mention anything??
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I would just cite the book generically and not mention anything. If you have the info at your fingertips, why not use it?
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I'm confused. Is it unethical or illegal to have/use this book. Do you want to withhold this info because you don't want anyone else on your team to have/use it? Why is it a secret?
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This version of the book was handed to students prior to the publication last Fall. Once the publication came out of course the teacher wants us to support his retirement causes and so he stopped handing out the book.

I was able to get a hold of it because some friends in the program. I didn't ask for it, they just knew I was nervous about the first exam and said "use this everythng will be fine".

The digital doc has come in handy MANY times. Plus there is about 130 pages more of information in the digital version then what was published. My part is difficult to find in the published copy, it is only referenced rather then talked about. This digital doc spends 20 pages (an entire chapter) discussing my portion of the project (that's why I'm calling it gold).
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Not sure about not handing out the book to support his retirement causes. You mean he wants you to pay for the book? Will he be upset if you are using a version that is not the final copy for education? Are you hiding it's use from him? If he wrote the book, don't you think he will figure it out.

I really don't understand much of this, but if it is not unethical, will cause you a risk in grade, then I say go for it. Maybe you should ask him if it is ok to use it?
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I would site the source and state that it is unpublished data excerpted from the manuscript prior to publication.

If you can't site the source, you should not use it, simple ethics, IMO.

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
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