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Pippin's Urinary Issues

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So on Monday Pippin started feeling like crap again. He would cry when I picked him up, he was hunched over looking like he was trying to pee, was walking with obvious pain, started hiding, etc, so I took him into the vet.
He had a "turgid" bladder and the vet and tech basically "expressed" him. As soon as they put the thermometer in, he started peeing, and the vet massaged his bladder until he was all drained. No blood in it this time and the vet said the urine didn't feel gritty. The doc said that Pippin is probably having spasms in his urethra that is making it hard for him to pee, so he's on Valium now.
The first day he was on 1/2 a 5mg tablet 3 times a day. It made him very loopy and clumsy, but HAPPY!! He was super cuddly and feeling much much better.
I called the vet and we have reduced his dosage to 1/4 tablet 3X a day and he's still feeling good, but with less drunkenness. lol!

Anyways, the other thing is we have an unspayed female in the apartment owned by my roommate and Pippin keeps trying to mate her. I think that this must be irritating his already sore penis so I am trying to keep them mostly separated since she's in heat right now.

The vet has also given me an estimate for a PU surgery to widen Pippin's urethra and remove his penis, which frankly sounds like a good idea *if* he gets blocked. He's basically on a one strike rule right now and the vet agrees. The first time he gets blocked, we do the PU. The PU is apparently fairly complex surgery, so the vet said we might find another surgeon who is more practiced at it to perform it.

It's going to cost about 5-600$ which is pretty reasonable IMO.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to relate? How long can Pippin stay on the valium? Will it affect his liver or other organs on the long term? Should I even be looking at PU this early in the game?

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My Henry just got PU surgery last Friday. He blocked 3 times in the last 2 months, and I said go ahead. He seems to be doing fairly well, but he is still confined and has to wear his cone until the stitches come out. I paid $697, which included everything, including the catheter they had to use to drain him and the 5 day hospital stay, antibiotics and special food. So far it has been worth it.
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