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Boy verses girl

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phone call from BF

BF: I postponed the trip to the vet. I could not get Pennie in the cat carrier.
Me: Oh okay

blah blah blah about other stuff


Scene One:

10:30am vet appointment for Bob and Penelope. Both are going back to get their booster shots and Pennie is also going back to get her spay stiches out.

phone call from my BF at 10am...

BF: I can not get this cat in the carrier
Me: lol
BF: she refuses to go in it. I am all scratched up. She has scratched me everywhere.
Me: Oh
BF: I got Bob in fine but she will not go in.
Me: Did you try wrapping her in a towel first like I mentioned last night
BF: Yes but she scatched and carried on and got out of my arms and is now hiding in the bedroom
Me: Okay, let me see if I can drive home real quick and get her in there
Me: hold on

<<< quick run around the corner to explain to boss >>>

Me: okay I will be right home
BF: (very meekish) Okay, where are the band aids??
Me: (silent LOL) on the corner cabinet in the bathroom, bye see ya soon

Scene Two:

Bob is in carrier on deck.

(carrier is on couch)

Me: where is she
BF: still upstairs
Me: Okay.

I walk to carrier and place it on the floor door side up, start to proceed upstairs

BF: you want the towel
Me: Yeah, thanks

I proceed to walk around calling for Pennie. She usually hides under my dresser when she gets frightened. I crawl on the floor and see she is on the other side. I walk around talking to her as I go. She runs right to me with a soft meeeooow. I pick her up and set her on the bed. I wrap the towel around her snuggly, lightly scrunch the back of her neck and proceed back down the steps

BF steps away as if the devil spawn herself will making a flying leap from my arms on to his face.

I place Pennie still wrapped in the towel and close the door (with a smug smurk on my face)

BF: well she likes you
Me: you just have to be gentle but firm.
BF: well I better go
Me: Where did she scratch you?
BF: right here on my finger (small band aid is wrapped around finger tip)
Me: where did she get you on the arms?
BF: uhhh no place, I had long sleeves
Me: well good, I will see you after work

I leave and head back to work

Scene Three:

ring ring

BF: well I am all done and everything went well
Me: was she okay with the vet
BF: she was scared but it went okay
Me: that is good. Did they have a hard time getting her back in the carrier?
BF: No, when they handed her back to me she jumped from my arms and ran back in the carrier
Me: oh my (much stiffled LOLing)
BF: well I am heading home now
Me: Okay I am sure you will have no problem getting her out of the carrier

I guess in this case both girls won

Here is the devil hell spawn herself. The entire four pounds of her

Bad vicious kitty

(I know some cats can really be monsters and scratch pretty bad, I am just poking fun at the "scratched all over" to the small scratch on finger. I know even the small scratches can hurt)
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LOL... What a great story... I love the way you told it too. This is why I handle all the vet trips. LOL
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Boys can be such wusses(sp?) sometimes!
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at least yours will admit defeat & ask for help.... my DH will say "oh she was an angel... no problems at all dear!"
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If he thinks that was bad he should come over and try to get Ferris into the carrier next time I have to vet him, LOL!!! I had to resort to gauntlet gloves with Kevlar in them!
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Haha, sounds a lot like what happens in our house!
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I don't know, that looks like a pretty devil spawnish look on Pennie's face there poor BF, he gots a boo-boo!
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The funny part is that Pennie and him get along fine when she is sleepy. When he is in bed she loves to lay on his chest, cuddle in the crook of his arm or legs and likes to "tenderize" his hair.

But she was NOT going in that carrier for him. I think he was just scared of hurting her. Either that or he just got plain scared of her.

Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
poor BF, he gots a boo-boo!
I will have to ask him after work how his boo boo is
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Such a sweet kitty to cause all the trouble, lol.
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Great story, made me laugh!! Glad she is ok.
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Now my BF's idea of emptying a load of treats in waiting until they go in to eat them, shoving their bums in and closing the door doesn't seem so bad
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That is just too funny - you told such a vivid story - I could hear and see EVERYTHING!!
I am sure that when the devil spawn fluffs her furr and tail that she is truly a fightening beast!
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Men! That is hysterical!!! Omg and i love the way you told the story too- you had me laughing sooo hard
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You have a great talent for telling funny anecdotes!

I can just see it in my head!

Poor wee sausage, with his little finger, all mauled up.
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You should be a playwright! That was GREAT!

It's amazing how perfectly helpless some men can be... good thing they're also kinda cute...
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Like everyone else said... Loved the story. You told it great!! Love the picture of your cat!!
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Lol. Charlie meowed all the way there and all the way back. As soon as i got him out and put the empty carrier on the floor, Jasmine settled inside! She is such a weird cat!
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well that is one mean looking kitty,.
she looks like she is expert in cat-fu. must have be in training for years just to kick human butt

hehe, you know, i had to go home early also , cause people could not keep eazy in the carrier, then they could not catch him. I go home pick him up, and put him right in and shut the door with no problems
hehe i guess kitties like who they like maybe
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Do you think your BF is going to pull through? He's not going to need a blood transfusion, is he?

Yep, she's pretty vicious!
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So funny!!!!!
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