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goodness the things I missed.....

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Geez, I don't know how any of you do it. I've been on here long enough to pop in and put the occassional caption on the caption forum and nothing else because of work now that I have some time, I am trying to catch up and there are so many things going on that it's going to take me a week to catch up then there will be more! How on earth will I ever catch up!? LOL!
I really missed you guys! I'm glad that they are FINALLY working the bugs out of our computer system and that things are slowly getting back to normal. I was a hysterical wreck there for a few days! but now it's getting better.(and I actually have 24 hours off from work, after putting in almost 80 hours in last week alone.) this is my catch up/relaxation day. I really missed you guys(and gals! LOL)
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Jugen, its good to have you back with us!! YOu'll just have to spend your day off here with us!! HAH!! :laughing:
Glad the comp is fixed (or almost fixed) - then you'll have no excuse not to spend every second of every day here! (no lame excuses like work etc!! :laughing: )
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Hi Barb! I can imagine - I just missed a day or two last week and felt all out of sorts! I spend way too much time here - definitely to the detriment of work! Welcome back!

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Mondays are always catch up days for me, since I don't have my own computer at home. Sometimes it takes a whole day (at work) to just get through the Lounge! I can't imagine going through a whole week. LOL I'm sure I'll know that feeling sometime, but hopefully if/when we go on vacation I can find someplace with internet access.

Good to have you back with us Barb! We missed you!
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Oh my gosh you aren't kidding! I missed several days a few weeks ago when Mike's Grandfather passed away...and I couldn't believe all the stuff that was going on when I came back!

It took me several days to "cathc up"...but well worth the effort!!

This is the BEST site on the internet (IMHO) and I don't know what I would do without TCS!
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Let's face it, everyone. We need a 12 step program for Cat Site addicts!
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Glad to have you back Barb! I've missed you!

I know what you guys mean....I was online Monday....then not again till Friday and there were 225 new e-mail notifications of new posts and new threads in the lounge!! (some of those were also from the mod's lounge....we have a lounge there, too!)

I spent Friday night just going through the stuff in the mod's lounge, and now today I have been going through all the ones from this lounge! Whew!
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