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Is anyone planning to watch the RSPCA series on ANIMAL PLANET next week? It looks interesting to me. I enjoy the Animal Cops series, especially ANIMAL PRECENT. (SP?) I wonder if RSPCA is much like these programs?
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i've seen a bit of the rspca programmes and they are similar to the animal precinct (i have no idea how to spell that lol) exept its more wildlife than dogs and cats, but its still good! and cute!
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Yup! I just saw a preview last night for it....I will watch it.
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I didn't know about that. I miss Animal Precinct, etc. I'll definitely watch it.
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Hopefully I'll be able to. Right now my satalite dish isn't working so I'm currently trying to fix it. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it in time. I love watching Animal Planet.
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I have a silly question, do you guys in America have RSPCA or different initials? We have RSPCA here too. I just thought different places would spell it differently
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Here in America it's ASPCA. We just change one letter.
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
Here in America it's ASPCA. We just change one letter.

Ahh okies, well the R in ours stands for Royal. Doesn't really sound like a country does it? lol
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I will probably end up watching it.
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I don't have Animal Planet but I just googled the show and it looks good - following new RSPCA officers out on their first jobs. It will be as much about the people who do the job and how they cope as about the cases they see.

I would definitely have a box of tissues handy, as they will no doubt be showing the officers dealing with heartwrenching abuse/neglect cases - horrible but inevitable as it's the hard-hitting stuff that gets the ratings so don't expect it to be all fluffy stuff about rescuing cats from trees.
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