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A few pictures

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I'm trying to get new pics of all of my kitties today, haven't had much luck so far, they're all running around and playing and being crazy.
Here are the few I got so far.... sorry for the poor quality.

A couple of Stanford:

And introducing two that I haven't shown pictures of before.. these cats technically belong to my boyfriend's parents but they live in the basement with us because my boyfriend's mom's Rottweiler doesn't like them.

This is Stranger, she is 13+ years old. She showed up here one day a long time ago is what I am told. Last year, Stranger went missing. We looked EVERYWHERE, asked everyone around and could not find her. We feared the worst. But a month later, Stranger reappeared, skinny and scraggly but otherwise perfectly fine.

And this is Grabat, she's approximately 2 years old.

If I can get pics of the other "kids" later, I'll post them.
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Beautiful cats! I did the living with my bf in the basement thing for a long time! Just wanted to add that Great pics! Hope to see more in the future!
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Adorable babies They have great names
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They are all beautiful cats! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!
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They are gorgeous!!
Do you have anymore pictures of Sasha?
She looks like my Chachi!
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Beautiful pictures Grabat has such pretty green eyes!
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Aww! Great pictures! Beautiful kitties!
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aww Stanford has some lovely markings - thay are very prominant your other kitties are such peaches too
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lol mooficat I love your garfield avatar!
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They are just all so gorgeous, I just LoVe Grabets eyes they are all so GORGEOUS tho
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Awwwww look at those pretty babies!!
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