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Ok, so little Thunder went to the vet last week with MC b/c she had some diarrhea and I wanted it looked into. She was also on the low end of her litter's weight. The vet had me reworm everyone (which caused diarrhea that night but promptly went away) and I've been watching them closely ever since. Everyone's had pretty solid poop until this morning, when Thunder had diarrhea again (not just soft, straight liquid). I haven't changed their food at all, and they've all been doing great so far (except for poor little MC, who's eating twice as much wet as everyone else but gaining 1/2 as much). Thunder is still gaining weight and is currently at 1lb 4oz. Should I call the vet up again or wait to see if the diarrhea goes away again?

No clue what brought this one, yesterday her poop was fine! The only thing I can think of could have happened is that yesterday I did a full cleaning of the bathroom they get their "playtime" in. I cleaned everything as I normally would and then went back and went over everything with hot water and wait for it to dry for awhile before putting them back in there. Do you think I could have missed a spot and she got cleaner on her? Wouldn't she be in much worse shape? She's still super active and talkative.