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Kitten sulking over dinner

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I was feeding PS Kitten her kitten food as she is nursing.after she finished I suddenly notice one of the kittens eating it-fantastic i thought because they are 5 weeks and its good they are tasting.so i put som on my fingers and they eventually all started gobbling it up-yum.they loved it!!

I then noticed PS Kitten sitting in distance,staring at what was going on.not in anger or anything.she looked visibly upset and sad-like i had taken over and she was letting me.I felt so bad and she then went out of te room and moped and sulked around the whole evening looking miserable.She is always a happy go lucky cat anyway all is forgiven and I realise i shouldnt have done that in front of her.She knows now she is frmly in charge and i wont take over.
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awr bless cats like to be in charge a LOT. Tab always walks around the house acting like she owns it, and always sits in the garden looking like a little queen She does sulk lots, but only if we feed the rabbit infront of her lol
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Awww... maybe she feels it means her babies don't need her anymore. Bless her heart!
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Aw bless her little paws, she's got such a big heart.
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awww bless her heart
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