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He drooled! Is it bad?

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Maybe I'm just overly concerned, but I just want to be sure.

My cat, who was sleeping on the bottom of my bed, sat on my stomach as soon as he realised I was awake. He's around 8 years old, male, neutered, and an indoor cat. I began petting him, and he began purring as usual. I was petting him on his nose, close to where is whiskers come out of, and I saw a drop of saliva falling from the center of his mouth. Like, a minute after that, another drop fell. I continued petting him, but it stopped. I looked on the spot where he had been sleeping for the last hours and it was dry. I watched him eat (Hill's prescription diet c/d -- 5 and a half years ago, he had struvite crystals blocking his urethra, he had surgery to remove the penis and never had problems again since) and he was eating without problems. I tried opening his mouth to check for any sores or injuries, but I couldn't keep his mouth open long enough to see if everything is allright.

I've read here about cats that drool when they're happy, but what worries me is that he *never* drolled before. Other than that, he seems to be normal - "talking" to me, eating, purring, wanting to play, but I am still worried. Should I take him to the vet just in case, or only go if he continues drooling or if his behaviour changes?
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Yr post reaaly worries me.PS Kitten drools and I did think just that.That it is because she is happy,but now im worried there could be something more sinister in it.
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Frankie drouls all the time if I'm scratching a good spot. I wouldn't worry unless you see other changes in his behaviour or normal paterns. It really is quite common for cats to droul when they are happy.
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My cat Sophia drools when she's cuddling, but if you are concerned in any way call your vet
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I agree, a couple of drops at a moment when the kitty is very content seems normal. As always, it never hurts to call the vet when you are concerned, though.
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Alley drools when she is very happy. Like when she is laying in the window sill and we actually have some sun.
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Scully drools a lot when happy, but it can be a sign of dehydration or an underlying medical problem, so like beandip said, a call to your vet can't do any harm Especially if you can't get a look in the mouth and there is a medical history I would check it just to be sure
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Yeah, I agree that if he is acting normal otherwise, it's probably not something that needs immediate attention. My ex's cat drools EVERY time he's happy.

It is odd that your cat has never drooled before though, so I'd recommend taking him to the vet if it continues. Has your kitty ever had a full dental cleaning? My 11-year-old cat started drooling a couple weeks ago, and she has NEVER drooled before. Once it happened 3 days in a row, I took her to the vet. She has a loose tooth and some periodontal disease, so they're thinking that's why she's been drooling. She has a dental scheduled for the 30th. My cat acts really weird when she drools though, and it usually POURS out of her mouth like a faucet (not always though). It sounds like your cat isn't completely soaking everything within a 5-foot radius (like mine). However, cats are really good at hiding pain, so it might be a good idea for you to have a vet check out his teeth.
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PHX seriously drools every time I pick him up, whenever he's happy! He even soaks my shirt with drool! But I know there's nothing wrong with him-- well he's a little crazy at times but nothing medical is wrong Every cat is different though. I wouldn't think anything of it right now, unless his behavior changes in other ways Good luck,and keep us posted!!
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Maggie loves to lay in my lap and knead, purr and drool herself to sleep. She's the drooliest cat I've ever seen. Sometimes I will have a drool spot the size of a dinner plate on my lap...yuck! Lola will ocassionally drool when she's kneading on my lap. Cleo has never drooled. I suppose if Cleo started unexpectedly drooling, I would be concerned. Drooling can be a sign of oral problems, so you might want to mention it to your vet. However, if his appetite is fine and he isn't pawing at his mouth or his breath isn't foul guess is he's drooling because he's happy or content.

Pookie & the girls
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If it's new and hasn't happened before I would take him in for a vet check. Out of my two one drools and one doesn't, but with the one that does (Radar) it has been since he was very young, he doesn't swallow when he's purring so I end up with great globs of dribble on me when we have cuddles, but Sonic doesn't dribble when he purrs at all, if he did I would know there was something odd going on.

But anyway as I said earlier if it's a new thing take him to the vet - it could be a dental problem or an early symptom of URI (sore throat making him unwilling to swallow).
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My kitty Lil' Jag drools when she is happily purring and getting attention. If you are worried about it, Ask your vet just to be safe.
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I'm going to suggest a vet visit. My Twitch was drooling a lot at like...4-5 months. It never occured to me that she had gingivits. At 7 months we started antibiotics & at about 2 years we finally had to remove all of her teeth as they were rotten beyond repair.

I'm an worry-wart, but.....if this becomes a regular occurance & he's never been a drooler, before, definately get him vet checked. At his age, it is very possible that he needs a dental cleaning or a check-up of his teeth.
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