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Great email to the owner CP. If I was still in Oklahoma I would help, but I'm across the country now

I truly hope we can get her to the shelter somehow if the friend doesn't take her. Maybe we should cross-post this to the SOS forum or even other sites, asking for someone to transport the sweet girl?
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Awww, I've just come across this thread. That poor poor cat. :censor::censor::censor: is wrong with people?

CarolPetunia and Catloverin ks bless you both so much for trying to find this kitty a home, or at least a place she will be safe

I am sending many prayers that she will not be euthanized.

Please keep us updated on what the owner replies.
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Thank you all so much for your good wishes! We've decided to give up on the friend and go ahead and figure out a ride for this kitty. Catloverin_KS can't do it, so we're officially searching for somebody in the area.

And thanks for the cross-posting idea, I'll do that!
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CarolPetunia, have you heard back from the kitty's owner after you emailed her? I do not trust someone who would have a cat declawed on all 4 feet, make her go outside, shut her up in a room, then decide to euthanize her. Are you sure she still has the cat?
Wish I could help, but I'm a couple of states away. Am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for this poor little girl.
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Libby, I'm sorry -- I should have updated this thread, too. I started a new one called "Emergency: Anyone around Southeast Kansas?" in hopes of finding a ride for this cat, and you can read the details there. The upshot is that the kitty didn't have to go into a shelter at all, and is safely at home tonight with her new mom!
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How is the cat doing? What a beautiful cat. I hope that he'll now be a indoor cat.
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