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wheezing, is it asthma?

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my cat is about 6 months old and i always hear her wheezing. It doesn't always happen for an extended period of time, sometimes she will just take one breath(as if it were a sigh) and i hear her wheeze. She never coughs and shows no other signs of being sick. If anyone has any experience and knows whether or not she could have asthma or any other problems a response would be great. Sometimes she will wheeze multiple times and other times she'll just do it once. It almost sounds as if her nose is clogged and she is having trouble breathing through it.
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Me personally i would take her to be checked over at the vets for peace of mind. It could be nothing because my Sophie wheezes now and again, but when the vet checked her over she said she was fine, and she said that when some cats relax they can make a wheezing sound. It normally happens to Sophie if she's just sitting up and nearly falling asleep, because if i call her name and she becomes alert it stops!. But i wouldn't have known this had i not took her to be checked
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yeah thats exactly how lacey is, its when shes laying down or just relaxing. If i pick her up and hold her in my arms sometimes it happens too but shes normally just purring and relaxing when i hold her in my arms, with a purr every once in a while
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My cat only wheezes when she has a URI and is having trouble breathing. I would make a vet appt. just in case.
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My cat does the same thing. It seems when he's in certain positions also. When he's up and alert, it stops.
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I took Tomas in last Saturday for coughing, he has no other problems, no fever, no congestion, but was licking a lot after coughing. The vet suggested allergies and prescribed a low dose antihistamine, Tomas's coughing has stopped.

Your kitty could be getting a cold or it could very well be allergies, it's certainly that time of year. Only your vet can tell. Good luck, I hope it's only something minor that can easily be fixed.
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