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Ever taken a pic of a kitty paw?

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I couldn't resist taking a photo of Kahu's little pink paw pads when he was asleep. I love to kiss them, much to his chagrin! Has anyone else got pics of their little kitty paws?

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Oh i could just kiss those gorgeous, pink, fluffy tootsies
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Oh what a cute furry paw

I know I have some but they are not on my flickr account so will have to go through my piccies later and find them
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What a precious tootsie!!

Heres my addition of kitty tootsies.

now I must go snap some more widdle tootsies!!

Another shot of Taffys paw.
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Aww... Frankie loves having her paws held and pet and I love playing with them...

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No photos, but I love to play with Sophie's little paw fluff between her toes! She, of course, is not amused! And yes, I too love to kiss Sophie and Mollie's little kittie toes. I always say to Sophie "Heavan knows Sophie's toes" - don't ask me why!
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Oh I just LOVE little white feet & those pink pads. I kiss Twitch's feet all the time...even though she hates it.
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Oh I love it Kitty paws Awwwww
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I absolutely love kitty paws! Especially kitten paws.

Here's my contribution.
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I dont have an upclose but I love taking pics of my poly's paws!

Sorry I didnt have a close up... Wish I did!

Cute kitty paw btw!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
aww look at those fluffy tootsies

Great photos all
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Awwww! I love kitty paws! These pictures are soo loveable! When I get my camera I'll make sure I get really good kitty paw pics!
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Great pictures everyone!! I will try and take a pic of Kahu's back paws, they are so cute!

I agree, kitten paws are absolutely eatable!
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i don't have paw pix of everyone, but here's what i do have...
Java's multi-colored toes!

Pixel's pink toes [& nose]!

Cable's black toes, with pretty pink softclaws!

don't have any of Chip's, but they're also black.
Mouse's blue toes!

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Here's Harley's next to my hand, he's got some big paws!

And Bayley's
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Awww I want to kiss them all!
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AWW!! They are sooooo cute! My PHX lets me kiss his paws... actually he will stand up on my lap and put both of his paws to my mouth so I can kiss them... only sometimes though- but I wish he did that more it's soooo cute! Great pictures guys, keep them coming!
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Nikita kitten back paws

Front paws just the other day:

and doing a tarantula impression!

I love cat paws and claws.
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Wow... Nikita looks kind of vicious! haha.

Kitty paws are the greatest paws of them all.
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I thought I was the only one! My husband thought so to and told me so at length but I don't pay too much attention to him anyway! I'm so glad to see I'm not alone!
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