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Lut and Christy you both look divine in your wedding (& bridesmaids) dresses. Lut your dress is incredibly romantic with that large flowing veil.
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Lut - gorgeous dress! You look so happy in those pics!
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Wonderful pics Christy and Lut!
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Lut, you look beautiful in your pictures. I LOVE your veil-I've always dreamed of having one like that!
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Christy and Lut, those are gorgeous pictures!!!
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Great pictures everyone!
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I must say it's very nice to put names with faces. Wars the words up for me!

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Warms the words up.....

When will I get the hang of this spelling stuff?

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Christy - if I didn't know you weren't married, and if you didnt't tell us you were a bridesmaid, I would have thought you look like a beautiful bride there! What a gorgeous pic!!!!!

And Lut - you DO look so happy, and it is a fairy-tale dress!

Great pics!!!

...Patty - have you seen the Pictures! Pictures! thread? There are LOTS more names with faces there! ...and it's where you post if you want your pic to eventually end up in the Members' Gallery.

Here's a link:

Pictures! Pictures!
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Wowza Laurie!,

Never knew we had that thread. Thank you.

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...it's just like the Biographies thread (which I know you posted in!)...the older threads sometimes get "lost" in time... but every once in a while it's fun to run a "search" to find them and pull them out of the hat, so to speak, and let everyone who hasn't seen them or participated in them yet get caught up.

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A few of you know I'm planning our wedding.....

Think I found my dress....

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That dress is gorgeous!

I just got married last year, anybody mind if I post a pic?
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Post away please!
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We got married in my home state of Wyoming in a small town where my hubby's family were the only blacks in town. LOL They got lots of stares, but were treated really well.
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Beautiful pictures Ericka!!!!

Lhezzza, I love that dress!
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Lizza, love the dress! You'll gorgeous in that!

Ericka, beautiful pictures! You two look so happy together!
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Ericka, your pictures are beautiful! You and your husband look so happy together. Oh, and by the way, I love his hat!
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One of my favorite things to show off...our wedding pictures. We just got married last October so we are still on our honeymoon

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Can I post one of me and my family/cousin in place of an actual wedding pic? It is at my sister's wedding in March, so it's the most recent one I have! Anyways, if not, ya'll have to wait until I do get married.....could be waiting for a really really really really really really really really really long time! lol
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I just had to show you guys this picture it is our very favorite picture from the wedding.

This me-Cathi and my new hubby Ken

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That is such an awesome picture, blondie! It's great!
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Just adding one more of my wedding pictures. This is all of my Grandchildren. From left to right. Hope, B.J.(sitting in lap) the only boy, Taylor, Staci, and Brittany (my adopted grandchild).

They are the apples of my eye
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Blondiecat, your pictures are gorgeous--I LOVE the black and white one!

As for my hubby's hat? My Dad has one too because he was the best man!

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Thank you TT Mom!
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What gorgeous pictures! BTW, you looked stunning and you look so young to have grandkids.

I hope to look that good when I have grandkids!
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Lhezzza's thread got me thinking how fun it would be to see others during their special day. BTW Lhezzza congrats! We went pretty casual at our day, it was our second time around for both of us-
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Awww Hissy you look so happy!

I dont have any wedding pics - we eloped

But my mum wants us to have a wedding and renew our vows once we get home to NZ.
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This is outside the church, next to the library last August 3rd.

We're still in love, even though I'm slightly ticked at him right now.
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Here's mine! 14 Years later... LOL!!

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