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Heidi I think that's probably coz the pictures are b/w.

We're probably as far away from quintessentially British as you can get being Polish and part-Irish.

But thanks, I've never thought of myself quite like that before!
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Everyone's pics are great! Don't you just love weddings?
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WOW!!! I love seeing all these wedding pics!!!! You all look so lovely and so happy!!!!!

And Yola...this is the fisrt time I have ever seen a picture of you....could you possibly be more beautiful?????? *sigh* You are simply gorgeous!!!!!
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I agree with everyone else. Yola, your pictures are beautiful!
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Yola - the digital pics of photos came out great! Brilliant idea!

You DO look gorgeous - and what great dresses and hats! I love hats too! But I live in an RV now, so there's just no room....

It looks like you had a lot of fun, and you look SOOO happy!

Love the pics with your furbabies too. Thanks!

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O.K. the rest of you - where are those scanners?

Now you can consider finding a friend with a digital camera and taking a pic of the photos!


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We're not married but here's our picture, from Halloween:
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Cindy and Bill, you guys look GREAT!

That is just such a fab picture!
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Haha!! Cindy, that pic is Fab!!! Eventaully I WILL post another pic of us, but at the moment, our wedding album appears to be Missing in Action!! I KNOW I put it in a safe place....
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FABULOUS Cindy! So glad you posted! We count significant others!!!!!!!!
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Cindy!!!!! That is a GREAT picture!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!! he looks just like Willie Nelson and you look JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
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I took photos of the pictures on the wall. We have no scanner! Sorry about the angle I was afraid the flash would show!
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Yes it is me standing in hubys hand in the last photo!
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Teresa!!!! Such a beautiful bride!!!!! Thank you for showing us those pics!!!! I wish I could see them even closer!!!!! I like the one where it looks like you are standing in his hand! That is cool!!!!
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Teresa!! The pics are great!!! You all look wonderful!!

See, who needs a scanner!!!
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Just had to be onery about that! I just love everyone's pictures...You were all beautiful brides! I'd share my wedding pictures, but there's one small problem...I'm not married! It's really great to put a face to everyone who posts on here. It's funny how we imagine what someone looks like, but in reality they look nothing like that!

I've attached a photo of myself (even though it's not the best one, but it's the most recent)...so all of you single people out there need to post some pictures too! This is so much fun...don't ya think?
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Shell!! What a great pic!! you are gorgeous!!! There is a special thread for everyones pics called the Pictures Pictures thread, so be sure to add your pic there too!!
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Shell, I love your picture.
Your big day will come too, and you will be a very beautiful bride!!!
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Teresa - how beautiful!!! What a "perfect" bride!!!!! And the pictures are gorgeous - just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Shell - I agree. Great pic! You're gorgeous! I hope you post in the Pictures! Pictures! thread too, for the Members' Gallery.
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I'm not married, and I'm single right now, so here is a picture of my brother, my father and I at my brother's wedding.

(Can you tell I've been scanning images today?)
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I have no didgital pics of my marriage , but I will try to take one from my album !! Cross finger & paws please ...!
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Christy!!! What a lovely pic!! you look wonderful!!!

And Sydney - fingers and paws crossed for you - can't wait to see the pic!
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and , btw , my real first name is LUT !
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here my hubby is saying his vows (on my left side is my brother , and the priest is my uncle !!)
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want more ??

okay , here is the first minute after he entered our house !
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and a last one , a very "ROMANTIC" one ...
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You both look fab!!! Gorgeous pics!!

And I didn't even see you'd put your real name in your sig!! Sorry Lut!!
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Thanks Bodlover !!! (that is not your real name too , right ? )
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Well no but I'm just too lazy to add my real name to my sig... haha, my proper name is Rhea
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Or 'The Spam-Master General'
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