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Heidi - you and Earl look just lovely together - he's got beautiful hair, I love the blue theme, I had blue irises for my first wedding, mixed with natural coloured dried flowers and grasses.

Carla, you look SO like a girl I worked with called Maria. It's scary that there are people around the world that look so much like each other. She was the belle of every ball too - a really pretty girl. Mike's a dish!
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Thanks for the nice comments everyone! All the pictures are so awesome!

Laurie, you and your husband look SO RIGHT for each other.

Rhea, I already said you look radient and now I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your beautiful wedding dress.

Heidi, you and your husband look right for each other too, and thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of the reception.

Carla, you and Mike look very comfortable and happy together.
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thanks! I think so too!
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Here is Mike and I. We got married on the coldest recorded day in Feb. in Alaska history! Our photographer got stranded- the shaving cream that the kids used to decorate our truck froze and had to be chipped off! But it was a wonderful time and we will celebrate our 16 wedding anniversary soon.

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Each and everyone of you look incredibly gorgeous!! Great pics everyone!!
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Needless to say, I don't want to post pix of my last wedding and Bill and I aren't married. I DO have a few good ones, from when I married Russ.

He passed away, 14 years ago but, we had three good ones, before that.

We got married in my parents' living room, with just family. This is Russ, my parents and me:
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Here we are, cutting the cake:
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It was finger-lickin' good:
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I'm SO GLAD I started this thread! Heidi - GREAT pics! I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why you're mad at the photographer. You guys look so happy - and you look beautiful! And your dress is really gorgeous. (BTW, I love the theme! Thanks for sharing!!!)

Carla - you two DO look so right for each other!

Daniela - are you going to share a pic with us?

Mary Anne - you two make such a sweet couple - you also look so right for each other and so happy together! ...and I'm sorry - you've got a great story to go with it! It sounds like it might have been a pain in the bum, but now that memory is frozen in place forever!!! ( )

I love wedding pics when everyone looks so darn happy!!!

Ghyslaine e-mailed me a pic to post - but shouldn't I wait till she's on-line? She's away for the weekend... I'm not sure what to do.

Ady - looking forward to the pic(s)! ...and while I'm not sure what you imagined I looked like, just remember that was 8 years ago...

And Yola - it's not so much that those memories are left in the bottom drawer as I don't even have pics! I think my parents must. We didn't have a photographer, just family pics - and somehow I never ended up with any. I do have a pic of myself in a Sari - but it isn't a wedding pic, nor is it the same sari. Maybe another day in another thread....

...and Spooky - where's that scanner!?!

Rhea...? Did you remember we want to see that dress??????

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Cindy - you were posting while I was writing. You look so beautiful! It's not a "wedding dress" per se, but it is beautiful. And what a pretty cake. It sure LOOKS like it was finger lickin' good! I'm so sorry Russ passed on. I know it was many years ago, but please accept my hugs.

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Laurie, Rhea, Lorie, Heidi, Hissy and Cindy!!! I love the wedding pics!!! You all look so beautiful and so very happy!!!!

Carla, even though yours isn't a wedding pic, I am so glad you posted it here! You are so very beautiful, and Mike is just a babe!!!

I love the cake topper Heidi!

I'm in the same boat as Spooky. I have a scanner...just have to get it hooked up and don't know how...but when I do, I promise to post our wedding pics!
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Alrighty let's try this! From left to right is my sister, my dad, me, John and my mom!
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Sorry - kind of fuzzy - not a digital!
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It looks great despite being a touch on the fuzzy side. Most importantly, you look great and are wearing a gorgeous dress! You are SUCH a cute couple!
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Ghyslaine sent a pic of her and Robbie's wedding, which I might not have time to post tomorrow, so here goes!

She wrote:

We were married Sept 27, 1996. Steven gave daddy away. We had a casual enough wedding. It was at the justice of the peace. And...it was a very nice day. I wanted a nice wedding and hubby just wanted something small. We compromised. (Had 25 people over that night).
Sounds wonderful!

Here's the pic (hope it came out OK!) (and it is SUCH a cute dress!) - and do they look happy or what?:
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Wow!! Everyone looks great!! Heidi, Carla, Hissy, Cindy, Ady and Ghys!! The pics are wonderful!! I love this thread!!
And as for the rest of you.... find us some pics!! NOW!!

Laurie, I DID forget!! I'll scan some on tonight!!
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These pics are great, of EVERYONE!!! Wow, so much happiness in one thread. Carla, I think it's great that you posted a pic of you and Mike, even if it isn't a "wedding pic". So take note all you not-married-but-may-as-well-be people! We want pics of you and your S/O too!!

Laurie, I'm not mad at the photographer, who was Earl's mom. It's just that she had one of those disposable cameras and almost all of the pics are too dark or so far away that you can't make out anything but a big white dress. LOL Not her fault at all.
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Laurie...Thank you so much for posting it for me. It does not look at distorted as when I tried. BTW: Thanks for the compliments Laurie and Bod! I think everyone's pictures here are beautiful. I plan on checking in here whenever I have a 'blue' moment. It'll brighten my day immediately.
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My wedding was July 19, 2001. I can't fit any of the pics on this page so I added them to my website http://groups.msn.com/RELM/mypics.msnw?Page=Last
Hope you like them. It's not all of them, someone just happened to have a digital camera at the wedding.
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Tamme - it looks like it was so much fun! You're beautiful, and your dress is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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Tamme...you look beautiful in those pics. And I LOVE the guys outfits!!!
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Tamme - gorgeous pics!! You look beautiful!
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These will probably be small and fuzzy, as I've taken digital pictures of standard prints - apologies if they're no brilliant . . .

Here's me and Ken . . .
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Me with Fifi and Balie . . .
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One more, me in the doorway of the house where we held the reception - note new outfit . . .
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Wow Yola.....you are just beautiful!Love your pictures and....what a great outfit!!!! Nice to put a face to your name. I hadn't seen one of you yet.
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OK - a small piccie of my first wedding (minus the ex), the dress was beige and peach stripes with antique cream lace. Head-dress and bouquet were dried wild flowers.

Mind you, this was 1989 . . .
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Yola!! the pics are great!! You look faaabulous!! Love all the hats too by the way!!
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Er . . . yes. I luuuvre hats!

We didn't spend much money on the wedding (we walked to the ceremony, as the registry office is across the road from us) so I splashed out on the hire of a couple of funky hats and a lovely reception lunch.

BTW - my hair is now blonde, red and dark brown stripes (and longer), so I looked quite normal there!
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Yola, I love the hats, too! You look the quintissential Brit couple. Lovely pics.
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