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Heidi - you found more pics!!! They're great! I still LOVE that dress. I love weddings!!!

This is so much fun for me, because Gary and I never did a "dress up" wedding. I love ALL these pics, and I totally agree with Lizza!!!!! Big, small, fancy or not - it's just so wonderful seeing all these smiling faces. THAT's what is so great!!!

Gary and I eloped and got married in Seattle on Dec 26 1993... no pics . BUT his mom got so upset, we did have another one! Again - we didn't want family, so we got married at mile 0 of the "Alaska Highway" (which is in Dawson Creek British Columbia). We let his mom know two days before the wedding... and what do you know? She just couldn't manage to get there from Chicago for the wedding. Poor thing. *evil grin* BUT - we do have pics from that one! It was July 26, 1994, and it was BEAUTIFUL up there! We got married in the back yard of the Justice of the Peace's house, and our witnesses were the photographer and his wife. We met him while in a sporting goods store stocking up on fishing lures... he worked there, but was starting a photo studio.

Here's during the ceremony:
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The wedding kiss....
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You sneaky girl! How sweet! It's great to have a picture of your happy faces!
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We're married!!!
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Everybody looks soooo happy!

As for headdresses, those things are hideously expensive! I made my own by buying a pretty head band at Michaels and then hotgluing a pre-hemmed veil that I found at Hancock's on it. It worked perfectly!

As for the dress? That was NOT the dress I asked for and we had it made especially for me. It didn't fit and it was no where near what I wanted. I did find a dress that I liked at a second hand bridal shop and they offered to dye it for me. If I had known that my dress would have turned out so poorly (it actually had me in tears) we would have taken the bridal shop up on their offer. Their dress was $150.

My shoes I found at Payless for $7.

The flowers were done by a local florest for $300 for a bouquet and 8 boutineres (sp?) and flowers for the reception tables and cake. We had the bout. things done because we knew the florist and he makes over-heavy corsages. The best thing was that the day before I went into the florist's shop and he showed me a sample bouqet that he had made from the pictures I had sent him of bouqets I had likes. They were gorgeous! And when I mentioned that I loved lime green and coral he added more of those flowers in for free (it's nice when the florist is a family friend).
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Thanks Tess! I loved your pics too. Quite frankly, I love all these pics!

I totally understand you're supposed to want to share this with family and friends.... but we'd both been married before, and we really wanted to just be selfish about it.

It was just what we wanted. And it was a GORGEOUS day! Those canola fields up there are just too much - expansive fields of golden yellow stretching for miles...

We wanted to do it "right" this time in our lives - as a matter of fact, we decided to put the wedding bands on our RIGHT hand! We got married again... and now wear the same bands on BOTH hands, LOL!

We had such a great time, and the photographer and his wife came back to the gorgeous RV Park we were in at the time, and we drank a bottle of champagne with them while traipsing around the park taking pictures in various different beautiful spots. We had a GREAT BBQ - and it was just so relaxed and wonderful!
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Wow thanks everyone for your encouragement! I think you are all right and we can probly still have a nice wedding for cheap. I think I would only invite immediate family and best friends. Probly aroun 20 people or less so that would save a lot of money

I love the pictures..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moo you are purrrty
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Payless, Michael's & Hobby Lobby to the rescue! Resale shops are great for all kinds of things, and you're recycling! There are also formal dress rental places that have great gowns for bridesmaids that can save your friends some $, too. Be careful not to mention the "w" word, though, or the price will go up.
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Sicy - I agree. Moo's purrrty, and I love the dress!

But I think EVERYONE looks gorgeous on their wedding days!!!!!
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Wow everyone's wedding pictures look great! I didn't mean to start a debate about the wedding cost when I put on my other post the rounded fiqure for what we spent for our wedding.

Since Ken and I paid for our entire wedding ourselves we did it the way that we wanted it to be. You can have a very beautiful wedding for a lot less.
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Hi Cathi - I loved your wedding kiss picture!

If you have the resources, go for it! The cost-related posts were just hints for Sicy for trying to work within a budget. I know when I started planning a wedding and saw what the magazines claim weddings cost, I was thinking "there's no way we can do this!", too. Since we didn't want to burden our parents and definitely didn't want to start our marriage in debt, we kept a close eye on costs, and got some great ideas from friends.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
I didn't mean to start a debate about the wedding cost when I put on my other post the rounded fiqure for what we spent for our wedding.
Sorry if it sounded like I was debating, I have no opinion as to a right or wrong amount to spend, just wanted to give some encouragement to Sicy, and I guess talk about a few things we did to cut some costs...oh heck, just had a good time going down memory lane.

What I most wish for you Sicy, and everyone who posted in this thread, is to feel as romantic, and happy as we do almost 8 years later (we even celebrated our monthly anniversary..for years, and still do e-cards or a special dinner). It is truly a memorable day, whether done very privately in a lovely setting, or hundreds of special guests
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Cathi, if we could have, we definitely would have spent a lot more! It wasn't the idea we originally started with...we wanted to have a "real" reception at a hall and all that, but just didn't have the money for it. It was still fun, but definitely not what we *wanted*. Good for you (and for Lizza!) to do it all YOUR way!

I made my veil too. Got the tiara at Michael's for $25, the veil for about $10. Then I hand-beaded the trim with pearl & seed beads, and with mini-tree snowflake ornaments. (I had a snowflake theme for the whole wedding.) It turned out really pretty, but unfortunately you can't see any of it in any of the pictures.
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I loved your pictures, Heidi! If you can find some that show your veil, I'd love to see them. This thread brings up lots of sweet memories!
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Great pics everyone!

I saw on Oprah once this couple had their wedding sponsored. It was very tasteful, they had a menu type thing on each table saying who had done the flowers and the photos the dress the hair etc. I think the whole thing cost them $1000
I thought it looked great. They must have had about 200 people there, very tasteful and not tacky at all, they didn't have advertising posters or anything. Just an idea for anyone on a budget
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Thanks Everyone I feel better now about this. I still all of you
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One of the best weddings I ever attended, the bride and groom at the reception had sitting on each table one disposable camera. The guests all got to shoot pictures of whatever happened, and they left the cameras behind. Made for some great memories of some really funny and candid moments! I think my favorite shot was when the goat (it was a country wedding) started to eat the tablecloth where the cake was sitting! LMAO!
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Here's our wedding day! We got a credit card for $5000 and didn't spend a penny more, and that was for the wedding, reception AND the honeymoon (a week in Durango, Colorado)!
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I have just LOVED seeing everyone's wedding pics!!!

This is my favorite wedding pic, except I forgot to hold the bouquet of flowers in this one so it looks more like a prom pic!

This was the second marriage for both of us so we didn't do anything fancy, we had both been down that road before. We were married outdoors...in a covered bridge...one of the "Bridges of Madison County" if you will. (literally)

This was almost 9 years ago...and several stretch marks and wrinkles ago... (actually I look pretty much the same...just a little fatter! )
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We gave everyone disposable cameras at my reception. The only problem was that nobody read the directions so most of the pictures were too dark and since the majority of people at my wedding were my aunt's family, most of the pictures are of her family.
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The disposable cameras are kind of like fishing...you never know what you'll get! We got a LOT of dark photos & pictures of kids' fingers, but we also got a few really priceless pics. It's nice to have them because the day just whizzes by so fast.

Love your pictures, Debby & Amy!
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Wow Very Cool Thread! I enjoyed reading everybody's stories and I loved looking at all the pictures!

Soooo Gorgeous & Beautiful!
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Ted & I have been married 30 years,so these pictures are old! our whole wedding cost $200.00 Borrowed dress,mom cooked all the food,reception was in the back yard,mom made the flower;s.Wedding was in a church.
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cute pics sherral!
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Thanks Sam!
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Here is a Pic of my Wedding (My husband Dan and I)
I was married June 28, 2003. Sorry I couldn't make it a larger pic, I'm not sure how to enlarge it.
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Another Pic: Just Me, Myself and I
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We went to Vegas for the wedding. It was actually really reasonably priced. We spent 1000 that includes flight, hotel, and all the wedding stuff. We do have pictures but I can't find them right this hot second.
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