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I LOVE these pictures!
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"Come on, More Pictures!" -- LOL!!
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Here is Ken and I on our wedding day.
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This is our very favorite picture in the album
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Cathi - what a great picture! and your flowers...wow!!!!
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Awww- I am trying to resist the urge to throw rice at my monitor! Beautiful pics!
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Here is one more of our wedding pictures. Saying our vows.
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I love wedding pics! These are all great. Kim you're so cute

*sigh* I will probly be eloping too LMAO.. no I still want to wear a beautiful white gown though.
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Sicy, there are ways to get married on a tight budget. We did it! You know, the end result is the same....you still end up married and that's what counts.

(I'll post pics tomorrow....don't have any one the home computer.)
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Sicy, you can have a really nice wedding at a low cost. All of our wedding was under $10,000 this included the photographer and caterier also.
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we got married at the court house. So no pics!! We did have a HUGE reception with over 200 people about two weeks later The reception is what is expensive not the wedding
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OMG! We did our wedding with a budget of $2500! That didn't include the dress (which I found on a serious sale for $250), and the album (which we are still paying off! But they did let us make arrangements for monthly payments ). I think that pretty much covered everything else, though, give or take $500.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Sicy, there are ways to get married on a tight budget. We did it! You know, the end result is the same....you still end up married and that's what counts.

$10,000 is still a lot for 2 people that live paycheck to paycheck
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First marriage we eloped to Vegas got married barefoot and went to Lake Mead on honeymoon! LMAO! Long live the 70's! But we were happy back then and it suited us at the time.
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Originally posted by Sicycat

$10,000 is still a lot for 2 people that live paycheck to paycheck
I know it's been almost 8 years, but we were married for a lot less than $10,000...about half in fact. We chose not to get married in a church, and rented the most incredible building (lovely grounds) with two stone fireplaces, full kitchen and an area for seating folks, a changing area, and a dance area...for under $400...it was a lodge at one of our local parks.

We designed and printed our own wedding programs, I found a great and inexpensive place to buy invitations that I loved. We were lucky, my parents did step in to help, but gosh..I found a wonderful seamstress who designed my dress and kept the final expense (despite lots of lovely lace and lace appliques) under $1,000. We did a lot of choice by referrals, using the network of family and friends. Found a caterer that was a side business of a small local restaurant..very reasonable.

So much can be done to cut expenses, just takes deciding what is most important to you, networking and research <G>.
If you know it's really important to you to have a wedding dress, no matter how small you wish to keep things, listen to your heart and do it!
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No! Too much trouble.. lol. been there.
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I'm still in shock over the $10,000 wedding! I've been married twice and both weddings together didn't add up to even half of that!
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I got the lucky end of the stick, we married in Vegas, since we were living there at the time in the court house, funny story btw, anyway, a year later after moving back to our hometown, his close friends threw us a surprise wedding reception!!! Really super sweet because I didn't know any of these people, just barely met them and I'm the only freaking american there so it was a bit uncomfortable but very sweet nonetheless because they paid for the food and the decorations, etc. I still cry about when I think about their generosity! Anyway, my pics of those days are in the garage and we don't have the scanner hooked up yet, so I'll post mine in a few days or so.

Lake Meade!!!! Hissy I love that place, we used to go there every chance we could get and then we would go the other direction and go to the mountains Mt. Charles? or something like that where there was snow!!!!! Even at night during the moonlight, it's absolutely beautiful, especially when heading back to LV and seeing all the lights in the middle of the freaking desert was really amazing, I still get chills and tingles thinking about that place, many memories for us, mostly good with the bad.

Everyone's pictures are sooo pretty, and Sicy, I don't know, we did it pretty cheap, married in the court paid I think $35 dollars, and I didn't wear anything fancy at all nor did he. We were both pretty damn nervous!! Anyway, we had eloped a month earlier and then decided to marry officially the following month. But we were so nervous, we both smoked heavily at the time, we're in the court house and hardly looked at each other or spoke. We stood pretty far apart from each other. There were other couples that were being lovey dovey with each other, smooching and holding hands, but we were standing apart. When it was our turn, the lady asks us 'umm, are ya getting married?' with this look in her eye. I said 'yes we are' and she shook her head a little and said 'okay, then lets begin with the information', etc. Anyway, we got out of the courthouse and started walking back to our vehicle, we didn't speak, I broke the ice by saying 'well that's that, lets have a cigarette to celebrate'. Then we relaxed. We still laugh about it till this day!!! We have thought of doing another one, but to us, we've always been married to each other from the first day we met, so no sense in spending money just to re-iterate our love for each other. Okay, now I'm teary eyed. I've noticed I'm a lot more talkative at night!!!
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I think I remember hearing that the average wedding costs something like $20,000 anymore. I couldn't beleive it! Like I said, 2 1/2 years ago, we had a very nice wedding for a total of $2500-$3000, and if you figure MINE into it, then someone had to be spending like $50,000 on ONE DAY! OK, Jennifer and Brad (Pitt) don't count as far as costs are concerned.

Sicy, you would be surprised how much of a wedding you can do yourself with a bit of creativity. We made the bouquets ourselves (finishing at 1:00 the morning of the wedding!), and they looked great. Made the decorations for the church, made the food trays for the reception (very informal reception that we had in our apartment...cold cuts and a keg of beer! It was a blast!!!), printed the invitations myself using storebought wedding invites that cost probably 10% of having them done professionally and they looked just as good. All that leaves room for the stuff most people can't do themselves....the dress, the tux, cake and photography.
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Ok - I will share one of my wedding pics - this is me and my new hubby Nick - we got married last December (2002) in Thredbo which is in the Australian Snowy Mountains - being summer here it was just beuatiful!!

Siccy - we thought long and hard about our wedding and how much it would cost etc. We decided to go with immediate family only (both our parents, my bro and his g/f, Nick's bro his wife and their 2 kiddies) 12 people including us in total. We all went away for the weekend - had a fab time and didn't spend much money - mostly just the money for accom and the dinner after the ceremony. Nick already owned a tux and I wore my mum's dress which we had altered to make it look less 60's...

I don't know if you could do something similar but it was our compromise between me (I wanted to elope and have a private thing with just the two of us) and what the families wanted (a big wedding with everyone).

I will post another in a subsequent post as I don't know how to post 2 pics at once...
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Our wedding cost $5000, but that also included getting 4 people from San Diego to north central WY for the wedding. And that was last year.

A coworker got married the same year in Chicago for 25,000.

Another coworker in Chicago got married 10 years ago for $250--friends did everything and she wore her favorite dress.
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This is my favourite piccy of them all.

We didn't have a professional photographer - we just asked everyone who came to bring a camera and snap away - we got some really good shots too - and all natural, no forced smiles!!

In this picture you can see my dress.
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Moo, you look really pretty and love your hair and color and the dress is pretty!!
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Aaawwww shucks jellbelly – thanks so much for those nice things you said (blushes)

We had a really nice special day and once the ceremony was over (we were surprisingly nervous) we both looked very happy and relaxed (well I hope that we did)…

We told our cats that they are no longer our :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: children now that we are married – they didn’t seem to care :-P
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Just a side note:

I appreciate everyone sharing their wedding day photos...

I love to see wedding pictures... makes me feel good!
(plus it give me GREAT ideas!)

Weddings are very special and are to be shared by all!!

Low budget or High budget it doesn't matter!!!!

It is a time to share your love with your loved one's

***** Nick and I are VERY fortunate to be able to have the wedding of our dreams ~ Yes.... it is very pricy, but we want this day to be one our family and friends will remember! ******

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A friend and her now husband wanted to spend as little money on their wedding so that they could spend a month honeymoon in Spain. She had her mother's dress altered by a seamstress (who made our bridesmaid dresses), the guys got their tuxes at Sears, an aunt made the bouquets and boutiniers as their wedding gift, they got married at a non-denominational church on campus (since they were employees they were charged a nominal fee), they had the reception at a ski lodge off season that also had a catering service, and they home brewed beer for the reception. Their one big expense was hiring a really top-notch photographer. Although the wedding was on a shoestring budget, it was probably the best wedding I've been to. There are ways to cut costs, but sometimes it takes imagination.
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Here's the pictures I promised. These really are almost ALL of the pictures I have of our wedding right now. We are still paying off the album. The bouquets do have mini lights in them, and that's Pepe Le Pew and Penelope on the cake topper.

Before I post these, I just want to say that everyone's pics are beautiful! Everyone looks so happy, and gorgeous. I mean everyone!

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Sicy, if you want to get married in Vegas go for it! But if it's budget that's forcing you to do that, keep in mind that it is possible to have a nice wedding for cheap if you are creative & thrifty. The most important thing to remember about any wedding is that it's about two people in love joining in the commitment of marriage. Everything else is gravy.

For our budget, we didn't scrimp on the photographer, but everything else was negotiable. We got married in a small town about an hour away from our city. We utilized the local small-town vendors and saved big $ that way, and got much better service, too! Friends & family who hear you're getting married will often offer to help, donating their creativity & time - take them up on it! A good seamstress can work wonders to make an inexpensive off-the-rack dress look like the designer one you've had your heart set on. She can also usually make you a veil or order a headdress for WAY cheaper than the ones in bridal shops, even discount bridal places.

One thing to keep in mind in considering the cost of a wedding is that's it's easy to lose perspective with all the advertising directed at brides; there is a huge industry dedicated to separating brides from their money. Use the magazines & websites for ideas, but temper the advice they give with the knowledge that most of it is given with the motivation of getting you interested in their advertisers' products. For our wedding I tried to think of what made weddings I've attended pleasant for me as a guest, and kept that in mind - people honestly don't notice all the details you think they will. Spend on what you think is important, and cut corners on the rest. Don't be afraid to stand up to salespeople who want to push you out of your budget. Also, being friendly and curteous to salespeople who are in the know can get so some great "insider" info.

Sorry if this was too long; I'm off my soapbox for now.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
<snip> Friends & family who hear you're getting married will often offer to help, donating their creativity & time - take them up on it! <snip>
Great point! I remembered how lovely it is to see the bride and groom pass out cookies at their reception...having my aunt offer to make traditional Italian cookies for this was so wonderful (and so were the cookies!)...it was a lovely, personal touch for our wedding...and a gift to us.
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That's sweet! I love how having your loved ones help can add such a wonderful personal touch to your wedding. Hubby's aunt is a music teacher, and she played the organ for us. She was excited to play on the church's 100-year-old pipe organ, too. She chose the music to play, and it was truly beautiful!

Here we are doing the deed...
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