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The Wedding Thread!

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So many people love Wedding Pics - and in the Pictures! Pictures! thread I suggested someone start one. I figured it shouldn't be me, because we got married in VERY casual clothes in a small ceremony with no family or friends present (probably why we're so happy in the pics! - no stress!).

Teresa said I should include my pics anyway - so here I go. I'm starting the thread!


During the ceremony (July 26, 1994):
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...and our equivalent of the "after the ceremony" picture:
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We got married in Dawson Creek, BC (Canada) - otherwise known as Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.

We'd both quit our jobs and bought the RV. We headed from NY to Seattle - then headed North. The Alaska Highway actually starts North of Prince George. We knew we wanted to get married on the 26th of July - we just drove until it was a few days a way, and that's where we got married!

We went to the local camping/gear store to get fishing licenses. We asked about marriage licenses (which took all of 15 minutes to get) - and the gentleman helping us asked if we had anyone to take pics. We hadn't even thought about it! He and his wife were starting a photo shop, so we were there first wedding portfolio! Sorry it was casual (for them), but they took great photos of the whole thing. And good thing they were there - we needed two witnesses to sign the certificates - and we hadn't thought of that either!

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AWWWW! You two are adorable! Everyone should look so happy and relaxed on their wedding day.
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We also got married without relatives and just in normal clothes, was so much fun, we weren't relaxed though, I was a nervous wreck ...picture...mmm...don't think so.
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Well, I have a wedding pic, but I can't post it cos its too big and I can't resize it from work! DOH!!
Love the pic and the stories BTW!!
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All my wedding pics from my second wedding are black and white. I do love the atmosphere of b/w photography.

I might see if I can get one scanned by a friend, they are lovely (quite informal) and I couldn't afford the big album either, I've just got a small but fat album of 5 x 7s (included in the photographer's rates) and most of the REALLY good ones are now framed and in our 'family' rogues gallery in the hallway (about 50 mainly old family pics all higglety pigglety along our entrance hall.

I just love looking at everyone's piccies, it's so nice to see what everyone looks like.

Laurie your wedding pics are just charming. So happy and natural.
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aw.... c'mon guys! Get them scanned - NO EXCUSES! I'm alone here now! ( ...and we have a bunch of black & whites too - I love them.)

If anyone needs help resizing photos, you can e-mail them to me and I'll help. Just PM me, and I'll send my e-mail address!

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Well here it is!! Thanks to BuNN its now the right size to post!! Thankyou!!

Sorry its just a pics of our faces really, not much of my dress in it, but its the only one of the wedding I have scanned on

24th June 2000
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You look so different on this picture to the other pics I've seen of you here.

Real glamour puss too!

Are those ringlets I see before me?
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Sammy from Brookside!
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Here's one of my wedding pictures, we were married by a Justice of the Peace in front of a few relatives and I was a nervous wreck! The dress I wore on my wedding day is a dark green velvet dress and it's also the same dress I wore when I was the Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding a couple of years earlier.

Rhea, you and your husband both look absolutely radient!!!
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No wedding pics here too . We are married since 23 years , and we both looked so different then ....
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One more...
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Lorie - you guys look SO happy!!!!! And while you look a little nervous in the first one (biting your lip!), you look the picture of a beautiful blushing bride!

Rhea - you do look so glamourous! We'd love to see the whole dress (especially since I never wore a "Wedding Dress") - but from what we can see, it looks beautiful, just as you do!

BTW - I wonder if we should include years here? I'll go back and edit my post.

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I was just about to post about Lorie's lovely pictures when my internet connection failed and the machine crashed!

Anyway, I think Lorie looks so sweet and divine - Lorie, either your are petite as can be, or your husband is very tall.

I'm jealous, being nearly five foot eight, I've always wanted to be petite and teeny.
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Everyone looks great in their wedding pictures!! And I thought I was the only one who got married by a justice of the peace and didn't have a wedding ceremony and all that fancy stuff. I guess I was wrong. I have pictures of our wedding day, but I don't know how to hook up my scanner. I'll have to see if I can get it hooked up this weekend.
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Yola, you're right about both things. I'm only 5 feet 2 inches and I happened to marry someone who is quite tall. Fortunately for my son, he is tall like his father. I always think it must be harder for a man to be short than it is for us.

Spooky, maybe your husband can help you hook up your scanner. We'd love to see your wedding pictures.
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I had a registry office wedding (second time around). The first one was all very fancy and in a church - but looking back, was now a bit of a charade, and stupidly expensive (late 80s let's do it for show kind of thing). AND the marriage didn't work out!

It doesn't matter if you get married in a field or a cathedral your wedding and your love is still the most important thing.

As you get older you kind of realise that, and the show wasn't important at all the second time.
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Thankyou for the compliments Lorie you two look gorgeous in your wedding pics!

And yes I think putting the year in is a good idea, I'll go back and add it to my post too!!

Spooky - you MUST show us your wedding pics, I've seen a pic of you before so I KNOW how gorgeous you are!!
And everyone else - SHOW US YOUR PICS!!

And Laurie, I'll see if I can scan in a pics of the whole dress sometime soon...

As for the height thing, I'm 5'7" and Hubby is 6'2" so with my heels on, we look about right!
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Ok, Ok. I'll see what I can do about getting hubby to help me hook up the scanner.
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PS, Yola, yes I had ringlets!! It wasn't too difficult to do as I have very curly hair anyway

And I don't follow any soaps - so on earth is Sammy?!?!?! (She better be a babe or else!! :laughing: :laughing2 )
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What lovely pictures of EVERYONE!! You all look so amazingly happy. Rhea, I have to say you almost rival Diana as beautiful and regal as you look, with the tiara and everything. (Of course, hers was real diamonds and all...)

I'll try to dig out some of the pics Earl's mother took of our wedding day, so I'm not posting the SAME pic here that I've posted twice already. I think I know where they are, so I'll try to do that either this afternoon or this weekend.

Great idea for a thread, Laurie!
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I'm not taking credit for the idea - I think someone else suggested it in the Support Group, I just don't remember who.... I'll have to go back and look. But it is fun, isn't it? And now I feel so silly for being worried about the casual thing - looks like I have good company there! ...must say though, I was hoping to see some of those gorgeous dresses. I didn't wear one my first wedding, either. I married an India and had lived in India with him for about a year. His mother had given me a GORGEOUS saari - blue silk with a white/silver border. So while we got married by a justice of the peace in Chicago, that's what I wore the first time around. Oh well.
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I bet that sari looked beautiful on you. Got any picture of that Laurie, or are they memories best left in the bottom drawer?
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Laurie - the two of you look so happy! (BTW for some reason I did not picture you looking like that at all)

Rhea! What a gorgeous couple Va-va-voom!

Lorie I love those pics! You look so happy.

I will try to post a pic of John and I this weekend!
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Well, y'all wanted pictures, here are some pictures! These are all during the cake thing, and these are the only ones of Earl's mom's that were close enough to see anything! We had a winter theme wedding, so that's why there's garland everywhere, and why my bouquet is blue and cream velvet pointsettias. We were up until 1:00 the night before the wedding making those bouquets! LOL
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A total candid shot, but you can see my dress better, and what our cake topper was. We had a Pepe le Pew and Penelope cake topper - Penelope trying to back away from Pepe, and their tails form a heart. That was the big hit of the wedding.
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Last one! This is when we signed the document. My sister and Earl's best friend are the others in the pic. My sister made the dress a bit more low cut than I had wanted, but it was all good. (It's also a better look at my dress ) We also had a Pepe and Penelope wedding frame on the table to kinda tie the cake topper to something.
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Everyone's pictures are so great! You all look BEAUTIFUL! Since I am divorced...I really don't want to share any pictures from THAT wedding... , but I can share a picture of me and Mike.

Maybe by the time we do this thread again I can post an actual wedding picture!!!
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