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Dirty bottom

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I have an issue with one of my cat. Daisy does clean her bottom but for some reason she does a terrible job at cleaning it so I can still see some on her butt, which is nasty as she is sitting everywhere around the house. Her butt looks a bit red like as if she got an irritated butt and while I use a baby wipe to wipe it, she screams and tries to run away. I haven't seen her drag her butt so I don't think it's anal blockage.

Anyone with this sort of problem? Solution?
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She may need to see the dr ....

try warming the wipe
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Are Daisy's stools loose? That would be one possibility for a red, dirty bottom.
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Her stool isn't loose at all. I'm making a doctor appt tomorrow for this coming weekend to have her checked up.
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
Are Daisy's stools loose? That would be one possibility for a red, dirty bottom.

That was my first thought when I saw your post. Do you have a longhaired cat? Persi is a longhaired but has never been dirty back there. I never see him cleaning back there so I attribute it to the food I feed him which gives him nice firm stools. With firm stools, not even a longhaired should have poo on his hair back there, at least mine never has.
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I took Daisy to the vet today because she had diarrhea today. I didn't want to risk it since she acted very differently: hiding in the bathroom which is very unusual. The vet did blood sample to test for all her organs so I'm waiting for that result. Negative on fecal test. They gave her an anti-inflamatory injection. She is on antibiotic (clavamox) and k sol, which is a stool hardener. The vet also suggested to get the Hills prescription diet I/D. I looked at the ingredient and the first ingredient is "by-products" which I am not so thrilled about but I figure if I just feed her for a very short period of time, it should be okay, right? The vet said Daisy is bloated/ gassy.

I think it maybe my fault for Daisy's problem. I did slowly transition them from premium edge to solid gold but I guess it was probably too rich for her. I heard lamb is a very rich source of protein that some cats can't handle. My fault!!!!

I've incorporated the I/D into solid gold but I'm thinking since solid gold maybe the problem, I'm wondering whether I should just take her off on that and feed I/D only. The vet didn't really give me a definitive answer on this.

I bought a bag of Felidae cat and kitten today before going to the vet. I remember Sharky mentioned that it is very good food for cats with sensitive tummy. I guess I am looking for good premium cat food that is highly digestible.

Thank you all for your caring.
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I hope Daisy feels better soon. Let us know.

I think I would just feed her the i/d for now...at least until her stools go back to normal. I know the ingredients are iffy, but I have heard that i/d can be a big help in these situations.
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Thank you everyone~~

~ Update ~

I mixed Felidae with I/D and Daisy still doesn't want to eat much of it. I'm afraid she is going to continue to lose weight. She is 9lbs and will be 1 beginning of May. I guess I'm off to the pet shop to exchange Felidae with another brand of food. I should have just bought Chicken Soup in the first place.
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