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What's up with Soleil? Pls help!!

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Soleil - my little 4.5 mth (?) old monster - is doing everything excessively.

I adopted her mid of Feb, when she was arnd 5-6 weeks old. The foster had unfortunately taken her from a stray mommy cat when she was only 4 weeks old. So maybe that exlains her behavior?

What I mean with excessively is - when she digs her litter, she does it like a maniac cat. When she cuddles, she will push her head with all force all over you. In fact, she will rub her head at anything that is within reach - may be a normal kitten behavior, but my older cat Singa, never did this as a kitten. She also purrs as loud as a tractor! She climbs up drawers like a ladder, jumps up anything she comes close to (including me! not funny when you just came out of the shower and are still in your birthday suit!!!) and she always gets into trouble!!! But she does not want to be held at all - she will squeak like a little monkey - in fact I think she IS a mixed breed - half cat, half monkey!

Now I'm also not too sure when cats come into heat. Soleil is still quite tiny, but last night she was sitting in front of the door wining as if she was hurt - and that 3 times last night. thos she is usually not very vocal, she was sreaming her heart out last night! When I got up to check on her (2a.m), she only wanted to rub her head all over me. Next time around my bf checked on her (4am) and she did the same. Tho I thought if she has Singa outside to play and cuddle with, she would leave us alone (which she did till now - fair enough).

But can she already be in heat? And when would be the time to spay her? I heard normal time is 6 months, but with a certain weight it can be done earlier. After Singa's irritating heat cycles, before she got spayed, I want to act as soon as possible this time.

Advice is highly appreciated!
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Sounds like she certainly could be in heat. Not knowing what vets are like in Singapore, you'd have to ask them about spaying her - whether they'll do it when she's in heat, or if you have to wait til she's out of it first. Whatever you do, don't let her outside!
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Yes, she can be spayed (whether in heat or not) at that age unless she's very sick or underweight. Her kitten behavior is normal. I have 2 "monsters" myself.
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