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OK..I am just really confused now....

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This food thing is REALLY confusing me...I don't understand all of these ingrediants, etc....

And just a few minutes ago, I read something in a thread about the Iams dry cat food...and I am ill. Literally ill.

If you've seen my posts about Ashie keeping to herself and upstairs lately and has dropped a pound, then you know what I mean.. Her blood work...ALL of it...came back fine...but she is eating Iams Dry..and has been.

Holy crap. Can this be next on the list??????????? If she ate something that was involved and/or COULD POTENTIALLY be involved, would it have shown in her tests by now??

No wonder people are making their own foods now. I am terrified more NOW than I ever have been....

If I just keep her on things that state "GRAIN-FREE" clearly on labels, think that would keep us in the clear??? If I am understanding...it is just GRAINS, right?? Why is NB doing everything that is VENISON then???

I am scared stiff. I really am. And Ashie is STILL staying upstairs....she eats when I take it up to her..and wants to be loved...but will not be social downstairs at all....for anything.
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aw bless her little heart... When my cat Chuckie became ill, he stayed to himself a lot. Sounds like the same behaviors as your little one... but after about a week of us paying him visits in his comfy spot and bringing him what he needed, he actually turned out fine. It was almost like he just wanted to be by himself? I really hope she turns out ok! I'll be thinking about her.
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NB recalled 'everything' Venison, EXCEPT for the canned cat venison/pea food. All of their other "venison" foods happen to have "rice protein concentrate" in them. That's the problem ingredient in the NB food...not the venison. They just happen to go hand in hand, in all but one NB venison food.
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