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Can anyone help this kitty?

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I copied this from another site:

From: "WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue" <whipstaff_ranch@y...>
Date: Wed Nov 6, 2002 5:20 pm
Subject: Poor Baby Bear needs a good home- MN


My name is Carolyn and I manage Beltrami Humane Society in Bemidji
MN. www.beltramihumane.com We currently have a persian cat in our
shelter that I feel would be best placed through a persian rescue.
He was surrendered by his owner after her landlord discovered she
had 2 cats, a violation of her lease. When he came in, he sported a
lion cut which we are growing out. His fur is about 2 inches long

His name is Bear. He is a 3 yr old neut male black and white bi-
color. Bear is very affectionate and loving, and loves to be the
center of attention. Bear is very outgoing and is very good with
other cats and dogs.

Bear's problem is his facial anatomy. He was bred by a woman in
Fargo ND. I am still trying to track her down. His face is so
flattened that his nasal bones are actually inverted. His sinus
cavity is very tiny and he has a hard time breathing through his
nose as his nares are mere slits. His tear ducts also are non-
functional, and so his tears spill onto his face.

Bear is very prone to respiratory infections. He is currently
battling this again. He needs a weekly bath (which he loves), his
face washed several times a day. We are feeding him Royal Canin
Persian food, which has helped him pick up weight and grown his coat
out faster. He is FeLV/FIV negative and has had his bordetella and
felo 4 way shots, and has been dewormed.

Can you help? We are having a hard time placing Bear because of his
hygeine issues. He is so sweet! We just had him at our vet (again)
today and they agreed that his anatomy is a major part of his
problems. Could he have rhinoplasty to rebuild his nose???

I just feel so bad for him, and he needs to be placed with persian-
friendly people. Please write or call ASAP.

Thank you!
Carolyn Van Wert, Shelter Manager
218-751-7910 Bemidji Minnesota
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Teresa, that's so sad. Poor Bear. All I can do is offer up my positive energy to this little guy that he finds a good furrever home soon.

(One more thing, when my landlords found out we had 2 cats, when the lease stipulated one, we made arrangements to MOVE. Getting rid of one was just not an option.)
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Hi Carolyn,

My name is Sue Johnson and I own a cattery in northern Missouri.
I'm very sorry to hear about Bear.

I will do my best to help find him a home.
I will contact a rescue league that I work with and see if she can take him in.
Mean while...if you want to send me a few paragraphs about him and perhaps a picture I'll post his story on my web site.
I usually have between 300-500 hits a day and perhaps through word of mouth we can get him placed in a loving home very soon.
I also know of some other people that may be able to help us.
Anyway, drop me an e-mail at:
poppy1@nemr.net and I'll do what ever I can to help.

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Thanks Sue! You are the BEST!
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Oh - if I wasn't on the other side of the atlantic, I'd be waving my arms in the air volunteering.

I adore persians and regularly contribute (when I can) to a persian rescue centre on the south coast of England.

Bear sounds very precious and dear, and I do so hope the little fella finds a home to give him the love and attention he needs.
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Sue...you are an to offer that kind of help! Thank God for people like you...I wish I could do something for Bear.

Teresa...best of luck and God Bless you too for caring enough to try and help this poor baby find a home.
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I moved this thread to the S.O.S forums...I think it belongs here, and it might get more responses here. I hope that is alright!

I feel so badly for this poor cat!

Sue, that is so sweet of you to offer to help!

Teresa, please keep us posted on what happens with Bear! Thanks so much for caring! **HUGS**
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Sue, if you can help Bear, you will be an angel, and a hero to all. It would be tragic for such a loving cat to be without a home because of what sounds like a case of irresponsible breeding. Please let us know the results of your kindness!

Carolyn, thank you so much for making us aware of this dear cat and this sad situation.
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I just got to thinking...I hope Sue copied her letter and sent it to Carolyn, since Carolyn isn't actually on this site at all...Teresa just copied Carolyn's post from another site.
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I'll send the emails along. Thanks, Debbie for thinking of that possibility.

I have sent an email to Carolyn with Sue's letter and email address included. I have also asked her to let us know the outcome, have told her that people all over the world care what happens, and would love to hear the results.

Unfortunately, that email was returned. I did call the shelter, however, and left a message for Carolyn to get in touch with me. I do hope that works! I'll certainly let you know if I hear anything.
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Wow Jeanie! That was really great of you to do that!!! Thanks!!!! Let us know what you hear!!
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