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Chick Pics!

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Well The babies are 19 days old now, Wow does time fly, seems like they just hatched The other day! any was here are the pics at a day old, and their pics from today! You will be amazed at some of the changes!

Day 1
Mille Fluer D'uccle Chick

Day 19

Day 1
Buff Orphington

Day 19

Day 1
Cuckoo Maran

Day 19

Day 1
Unknown Bantam

Day 19
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Day 1
White Crested Black Polish

Day 19

Day 1
Bantam Araucana

Day 19

Day 1
Unknown bantam

Day 19
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These are the ones my Aunt brought over, I have no before shots of these.

Rhode Island Reds

Barred Rocks

Thats all Enjoy!
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they are cute!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWW they are so cute
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They are adorable

Yesterday DH and I were at the local farm supply/feed store and little bantam had gotten loose in the store. The poor thing was so upset. We told the cashier and she called someone back to round it up.
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Hey! I was expecting to see pictures of a different kind of chick! Just kidding, we had chicks when I was a young lad. I accidently stepped on one when coming down the back porch stairs and I cried for days over this mishap.
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Awww, they're so cute!
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Oh my, all this cuteness in one thread! I have a special place in my heart for chicks.
When I was 4 years old I decided all the baby chicks in the coop must be cold and determined they all needed to take my nap with me. I brought as many as I could inside and that's how mom found me and the chicks, just napping away.
That same day, I accidentally squished one in the door trying to take them back outside. I STILL feel awful about that 38 years later
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aww some feathery cuties

they have really shot up, just like little weeds sweet, just sweet !!
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How cute! I want chickens!!
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They are so cute!
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They are adorable, i am getting 26 chicks the 7th of may or on monday. I am getting everysingle breed you have above, except for the unknown bantams, but i am getting bantams.
I think that the full grown adult white crested black polish look like george washington
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They are just such cuties o my Sooo soooo GORGOEUS, I just love lil duckies they are growing up fast tho But they sure are a bunch of cuties
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awwwww omg! they are tooooooooo cute!!!! i just love them!!!
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