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How to make this easier..for him

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Well after our bath session today i have come to the conclusion that Caesar..Despises all the brushing, washing, and blow drying.. he doesnt fight tons. but he shakes..and shakes..and crys. and when it comes to blow drying, he shakes even more. I feel so bad. Any hints on how to make it easier on him?
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How many times have you given him a bath?

Tobie did that the first couple times I did the whole show bath routine, but he had his fourth show bath and blow dry ever last Friday. He's getting much better and doesn't even mind the water. None of my other cats have ever gotten used to an occasional regular bath, so maybe there are some cats that will always hate it. Part of it is that I gave Tobie (and the rest of the litter) baths from about three weeks old onward, just to get them used to it. I guess it worked.

I'm sure some of the more experienced show people can help you out, though!
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By the way, I think that's really sweet that you are thinking of your kitty's feelings too!
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hes gotten a weekly bath since i brought him home...hes gotten several baths with us..and his reactions arent getting any better

I worry about him.I dont want to put him through undo stress. I would LOVE to show him and think he would do well. But if hes gonna tremble..and freak at every bit of it..I dont know if its fair to him
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UMMM this maybe stupid but what about possibley doing a foam on bath that clean and conditions yet only has to be brushed and doesnt leave him soaked??
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How old is he? I hear a lot of experienced show people saying it's very difficult to get a cat to "like" showing if you don't start them as kittens. They don't allow kittens into the show hall until they are 4 months old though, so maybe there is still some time if he is young. *hugs* Good luck!

If you really want to show a cat, you could always open your home to another kitty. That would be my excuse, anyway.
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hes only 7 months old. Hes still a kitten.

Another kitty..*LOL* well we never say no at this in..what with

Dutchy, Loki, Jellie, Bellie, Lyla, Lilly, Lace, Jade, Halen, Callie, Arthur, Gwenie, Mara, Angel, Caesar, and Maia.... hehehe

I am not. heart set on showing but it is something i wanted to do. Of course If its gonna cause Undo stress on Caesar I will have to think plan there.. we will be getting another girl soon than could likely be shown. Just had really wanted to start with Caesar..but after todays bath. I really do worry about his stress levels with the grooming.
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Hi SF,
I am presuming you talking bout Caesar. I would persevere with the bath and blow dry, just be firm and calm with him, i have several cats that go psycho as soon as you turn the hair dryer on but if you give in to them they win and will never overcome it.

As for Caesar, I have a tip for you. Dont know whether you can get Borax powder over there, or boric acid powder sometimes called. But you wipe the cat's face and eye area with Optrex eye solution for sensitive eyes and this dampens it. Then pack the area with the Borax powder and just leave it on. Dont brush it our for a day or two. Will not harm the cat, its not poisonous, and brings back the white.

Trying it at the moment with my blue and white van boy.
Good luck and let us know your show results M8 !!!!
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You mean he's shaking and crying when being combed????? Since you just got him recently, do you know if he was bathed or groomed as a very young kitten - like at 2-4 months old? Most breeders of persians start their grooming at 2 months old on kittens - the show ones get done a lot more in the routine, so that by the time they are shown at 4-5 months old, they are "pros" with the routine.

Charlie is not fond of a bath. He yells almost the entire time. But he's fine when you wrap him in the towel. However he is shorthair and doesn't have to be blow dryed.

He's been in the bathroom when I dry my hair and doesn't mind the sound of the blow dryer. Perhaps you need to put Ceaser in the bathroom when you blow dry your hair (if you do) so he gets more used to the noise. I'm assuming you do have it on low speed when you use it on him.

If he's still upset, can you hook up a small space heater and stand him on a grooming table and groom him near the heater (just keep turning him around as you groom).
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For bathing if you can use a spray nozzle and do not fill the tub/sink with water at all. For the blow dryer leave it out unplugged for the cat to see and turn it on but do not blow dry him so he gets used to the sound. Give him treats after bathing and blow drying. To get him used to shows take him to pet stores for socializing. Like Petco, Petsmart, Pet supplies Plus, Chow Hound, and even to friends houses and let lots of different people handle him. Oh and take him for extra short car rides.
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We do to go petsmart and Petco,he loves People.

He doesnt like treats. I have tried. Hes a silly boy.

He was groomed at the breeders. I am sure he was bathed too. I dont blow dry my hair, but my husband does, and we have set him in there when hes doing it.everyday, he still trembles.

We use a special pet dryer on low speed, its quiter than a regular blower..he still isnt happy.

Plus he seems to have forgiven me faster this time...he has peeked in on me..a little bit today.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms View Post
He doesnt like treats. I have tried. Hes a silly boy.
What do you give him for treats? I give my cats cooked chicken breast.
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we have tried standard treats, we have tried. chicken we hav tried raw... even tried alittle bit of cheese. No go.
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