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Weekly belly pics!

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Hope you all don't mind the weekly belly pics of my girls.

First is the new girl, who I've been calling Missy for lack of a better name. It's hard to get good pictures of her because she's so dark colored.

And this is the only one I could get of her... evil kitty!

And of course, Sasha. I know she's getting closer, all of the fur is gone from her nipples now and the babies move a lot! Poor girl is getting so big that it's getting difficult for her to jump up on anything. I've been putting her into a crate at night and when I leave so that she'll be confined and safe and also so she'll get used to her birthing area... she will now go into the crate to sleep all on her own, she loves it in there. Anyway, here are her pics:


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Cute pics!

Sasha looks young! How old is she?
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awe look at those belly pics and o my Sasha is so big but she is such a cutie, they both are
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Sasha looks young! How old is she?
I'm not positive, the vet I took her to that said she was spayed told me she was 5 or 6 years old.

I personally think she's around 2 years old.
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They're both adorable! And getting so big! especially Sasha, look at that belly!
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They are adorable!!!! Sasha's face...what an angel! I might have to come kidnap her from you lol...shes a little honey! Good luck with the pregnancies - both of them are sure getting big
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what a couple of cuties !

and sweet Sashas has such a gentle pretty face

lots of good luck - gonna be busy in you place
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omg i will have to put up a pic of fluffys belly , her belly looks about the same as sashas , but fluffy has only just hit the 6 week mark
i so hope she is not going to have a big litter , shes only 11 months old . . i know her mum had semi big litters her first one 7 her second was 5. but i love the pics of them both , thank you for sharing , and no of course we dont mind weekly photos.
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Sasha looks like a kitten herself! Very cute and cute belly's as well!
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they are so cute! saashas belly is getting huge. .and she looks like a kitten! adorable
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