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cat picking on dog...

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I have a 5 month old named Grace and a 1 year old silky terrier named Teddy. I've had Teddy since the end of January and Grace since the end of November. Grace has never really liked Teddy but only hissed when he would come near her. However, lately she has started picking on him. He has always tried to play with her and she just hisses but now she'll run up to him hiss and run away. She will even go over to one of his treats on the floor and lay down right by it or put it in her mouth like as a challenge and when he tries to go for it she'll hiss at him. So it kind of seems like she is playing/pestering him but I can't tell if she really is playing or actually upset. Should I try to stop it or just let it play out? The dog doesn't really seem to mind the hissing or anything and has never acted aggressively towards her. I also have a 1 year old cat that pretty much just ignores hte dog and Grace gets along with her great. Your opinions are appreciated
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I think the kitty is testing the dog, let them do their thing. My older cat used to hiss at my new dog, he is scared of her. After a year or so, they can be in the same room with each other without hissing. They even sat on the same chair, together!

Also, I brought in a stray cat a year ago, and my older cat went ballistic!!!!She hissed, growled, clawed, took out some fur. Fastforward a year later,
they are not buddies, but, there isn't any more power-play stuff coming from the older cat.

They need time together while your there, and if you think they need to be separated when your not there, keep them separated.
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I would not worry about it too much. The only thing is be careful with them around food. If the dog feels the cat keeps taking his treats then he may start guarding it so keep that in mind. The hissing isn't a problem though just be sure it does not escalate into scratching or biting.
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LOL. Welcome to my world!
Zoey came to us last May. A tiny 3 month old DSH, but very brave. Our plans to introduce her to our dogs over several weeks went awry when she climbed over the baby within 2 hours of being let out her room. She explored, hissed and made herself right at home.
Ben, our huge Golden Retriever, is terrified of her. My older son's cat scratched him a couple of years ago - and it hurt. So he ignores her as much as possible.
The girls, two Old English Sheepdogs, ignore her for the most part. Riley will sometimes try to play with Zoey, but that usually results in Zoey biting her fur. Oh the mats that cat can create!
Zoey has perfected her Ninja move - with all four legs spread wide, she will jump at their faces, grab the fur and hiss, then run off. She loves this game, though the dogs hate it.
And if the dogs come up for a cuddle, Zoey lets them know it is not a good idea.
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Because you have a terrier, I think it's good to allow the cat to be offensive toward the dog. I'm not entirely sure of the purpose of silky terriers, but a lot of terriers have an instinct to kill small furry animals, even those of similar size. By allowing the cat to have a dominant role in the house, you may be able to keep the dog from seeing it as prey.

My dog is a hunting dog, but from the start we always made sure the cats had a senior position to him in the house. He was never allowed to tear up stuffed animals other than squeeking them. Now that they are all grown up, Paris still has to remind Moscow that she's boss from time to time. But they all tolerate eachother. Cairo will be affectionate with Moscow, but if Paris thinks he's getting too familiar with her, she'll step in and bop his nose.

Moscow has definitely suffered some scratches at the hand of Paris, but he's learned that she's not to be messed with. Cairo will never use claws on Moscow, she'll just scream if she doesn't want him around. But from all this Moscow is perfectly gentle with all furry animals including bunnies and squirels.
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Thanks for the opinions, they are never alone together because the dog is kennel trained and still trying to be potty trained. He doesn't seem to have a harmful bone in his body but I"ll keep an eye on the situation. Thanks again
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