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TP&B.......but where is T?

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Since I'm home now from being layed off from my job, I notice what TTP&B do all day while I was at work..........SLEEP! Well, I went looking for them after I hadn't seen them for a couple of hours.....and here I find them Bailey, sound asleep on top of the afagan on the back of the sofa.....

I found Trixie in her bed.....

And Petals in hers....

But where is Tiggy??? TIGGYY??? Where are you baby boy????

Hummmmmmmmmm, after some searching, I caught sight of him.....

He's such a bum.....
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now now Meowmy, that is NOT nice to call sweet Tiggy a bum! He just may pack up & move in with Auntie Heather!!!
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Hey! Haven't you ever heard let sleeping cats lie?
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Look at Tiggy. He needs a pillow down there!
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awe they are just all such cuties
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AWW he was trying to stay out of the way ...
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That is SOOOO cute! Maybe he knew you were going to take a photo of him!
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Awww Look at all those sweet babies!
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Awwwww sleeping little cherubs
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Look at those sweet peas!!
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I wuv wittle Tiggy!!!
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