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Go home!!!!

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Tonight was suppose to be a short night. The only thing I have planned was a review of what will be on the final.

I finished at 6:35 pm. It's 8:23 pm and I still have students here finishing up the project. I really technically can't kick them out since the class is suppose to run until 10 pm...still though, don't they have a life!?!?!?!

Ahh...well I finished up most of MY final project and am now just goofing off here.
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Pull the fire alarm???? LOL just kidding. Sorry you're stuck. Do you have a cell phone? You could text someone and instruct them to call you, then act like your sister has gone into labour and is calling because her husband is out of town and she needs a ride to the hospital! Or, you know, just surf on TCS until everbody finally makes like a tree and leaves........
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fast run to the door, dont stop to put your shoes on , or grab your coat just run
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