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9 week old kitten limping

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Last night, I noticed my 9 week old kitten limping a little on his front left foot. This morning, he was limping a lot more on that side, especially just after he woke up from a few naps. He is playing normally, eating fine, I took him to a vet and he's not running a fever, nor could she see any outward sign of anything wrong.

I am -guessing- he just twisted his paw or something while playing and its a bit sore, though he doesn't seem to be in much pain. The vet told me to try to keep him kind of calmed down the next few days and see if the limping improved or went away.

I'm probably just a bit over-anxious because he's so young and I got him from a very bad place where it would be easy for a cat to become ill. She did mention a type of virus in which cats would go lame in one leg, and then switch to the other...but she also said on his last visit he was vaccinated against that, plus he had no fever and was acting normally otherwise.
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I would just monitor him closely and like the vet said try to keep him calm for a while. If it's not better in another few weeks, maybe go back to the vet. Every once in a while when I come home from work my female persian is limping. After a few days she is fine again. I often wonder what they do when I'm at work!
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I see that you mentioned that your kitten had just had his first vaccine. This vaccine, although created to help fight this disease, will sometimes bring on the limping. Just make sure he keeps eating and shows no other signs, and he should be fine just a few days. If he does get worse, definitely take him back to your vet.
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Maybe it was the vaccine then... sort of like how people show mild flu symptoms after a flu shot? Well, he seems ok now and is no longer limping. Better safe than sorry I suppose considering the place he came from :|
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My kitten did that when he was around 3 months old. The car was parked the little brat snuck out of the crack we left in the window for him. Never thought he would even try to jump, let alone make it. He hit the ground, which was luckly grass and started running away. He didn't even act hurt until the next day when he was limping. He did the same thing your little kitty is doing. Just keep an eye on him and if he doesn't go back to normal, or close to, in a week then I would take him to the vet again. Kitties are so strong! Your baby should start feeling better in a few days, good luck and keep us updated on here!
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