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Bathing cat

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I am not sure if this should be here or in the grooming corner.
I have a 2 year old male that loves to take baths with people,he takes showers to but prefers hot steamy baths.
Anytime one of his humn servants is bathing he will literally paw and ram in/at the door until its open and before you can say"here comes the cat" he is laying on your belly completly submerged exept for his head in the tub with you with a look of total bliss.
This cant be normal can it??
He does not seem obsessed with sinks toilets etc altho in the summer he likes the lawn sprinkler but prefers really hot (the hotter the better) baths.
He probably bathes this way bout 2-4 times a week.It does not seem to bother his fur (altho it is a bit on the thinnish side but nothing abnormal)he usually gets a good shampoo and condioner while in there and he seems to really enjoy it.
My question can this harm in laying in water for periods of time(15-30 min. maybe while we bathe) and if it harms him how do i get to stop him??
He has had a case of cystitis before could this have anything to do with it (not sure how tho).
For the human servants its really no issue just more a point of endless amusement as long as it doesnt hurt him
thanks for answers
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A little weird, but as long as you don't wash him too much. With thin fur, it can dry out - so when you wash him with shampoo use a conditioner after.

Be glad he LIKES bathes - you won't have a hard time if its necessary as he gets older. My rex was washed from a kitten and he would stand in the tub and stay there if you told him while washing
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The only danger I can think of with hot water is the high probability of getting his skin burned. And also too much bathing can ruin the coat. I am not surprised that he enjoys it though. My cats are no problem when they are bathed with warm water. They also love the massage when being shampooed.
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LOL! It looks like you've got some answers, but how cute is THAT??? A cat that likes to be in water??? FUNNY STUFF!

Would LOVE a picture of that!
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Thanks ofr the answers.Yeah it is actually cute and fun just the look he has of sheer total complete bliss says it all lol.Altho his coat is thinnish he has a wonderfull looking coat its so smooth and shiny with nice contrast(he is a grey and white tuxedo cat).
I seem to have read a long time before we had a bather that some breeders use Ethnic shampoo(particualy shampoo designed for African AMerican women)because it has oils in it that prevent the scalp and hair from drying out,so I have been using that,like I said he enjoys it.
I would imagine any bath hot enough for a human to stand be ok for kitty since they tend to be hotter body temp wise than people.
Altho he never gets blow dryed,he hates it and the noise so he gets just a good towel rub.Seems to work.
My actual worry was more in terms of illness due to be wet,after all fluffalos are not designed to be water animals lol.
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Keep him out of drafts till he's completely dry. After Charlie gets washed (since he air drys) he's put in the library where there is no drafts for about 1-2 hrs untill he's totally dry.
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