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2 yr old howling and drooling

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Hi - First time poster.

My parents have a 2 year old spayed female Balinese that began havingt frequent episodes of howling and drooling. The crying sounded like she was in heat, even though that's impossible. It started out as once in a while on Saturday, but has progressed to the point that it's hourly now.

The progression is that her head will begin darting back and forth very quickly, takes off running to no where in particular and then howls and drools.

They took her to the vet, who actually witnessed an "episode" but who had never encountered this before. They took blood tests, but haven't gotten the results back yet.

I guess they also did a kind of test to make sure she didn't have any cells left over from her spaying, and she didn't.

Needless to say my parents are so upset, especially not know how to make her more comfortable. She was eating and drinking normally, though with the increased frequency of the attacks, they're not as sure that she has been today. In between attacks she's affectionate and moves around. They've checked all the plants in the house and do not have any that would be toxic.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

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Welcome to TCS! Be sure to stop by our new members forum and introduce yourself!

I wish I could help you in this situation. However, I do not know anything about this. Hopefully someone with some experience will come along and offer you some great advice. If this were my cat, I would bringing him in for another opinion with a different vet. You really don't want to wait too long in case there is something seriously wrong!! Good luck, and keep us posted!
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From your description,she may be having seizures of some sort? That would be my first concern,personally. It must be terrifying to see her go thru that....
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That sounds scary! The first thing that came to my mind was also seizures. Can you contact a feline only vet in your area? They might be more experienced with the symptoms the cat is exhibiting. Also, because these 'attacks' are now happening hourly, I would be insistent on thorough testing asap.
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My first thought was seizures too. Another thought might be some very sudden severe pain from her mouth, teeth, or ears...since she shakes her head during the episode. My second idea might be a stretch...just a thought.

I hope you're able to find the cause soon.
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