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Cat biting hair off of tail

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Here is a bit of background.

A young, male, un-neutered cat found his way into our warehouse at work.
I began to feed him, got a litter box and he has been living in our warehouse since last September or so.
My SIL came in and trapped him and took him in and he got neutered and his shots.

In our warehouse there is welding going on, so this cat has always being around very fine metal grinding dust.

In the last month or so, he has been biting fur from his tail and we find clumps of it in the office. He mostly lives in the office now but his litter box is still in the warehouse. His food and water is in the office.

He is going to the Vet tomorrow to get checked out.

Any ideas what this could be ladies?

Thank you in advance.
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maybe fleas??
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or maybe food allergies? or inhalant allergies?
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I don't think fleas, I have never heard of fleas in this dry climate, but anything is possible I guess.

He is at the Vet right now, so am hoping the Vet can figure it out.

Yes, maybe he is inhaling that metal grinding dust, but it has never bothered him before. Someone else suggested stress, who the heck knows, the poor thing.

Thank you for your suggestions ladies.

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The verdict is in. It was his anal glands were blocked, the Vet had to express them. El Yucko.
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ew! well at least your vet found out the cause, and your kittie is going to feel better now.
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We have a dog that dogs that to himself. Has it only recently started in the spring? Our dog has allergies just like humans and my guess is that your kitty has the same problem. The bad thing is the only way to stop it is to give them meds.

Oh, i just realized you wrote a reply.....gross!!! That kitty needs to wipe his bumb!
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