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I think my cat is possessed

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So I need some advice before I resort to calling in an exorcist for my cat. I'll start with some background info first though.....
I have 2 cats. Chunk is 6 years old and Stimpy will be 2 in July. I adopted Stimpy a year ago when he was 9 months old. Chunk has always been a generally quiet, anti-social cat, but never aggressive. He prefers to keep to himself and only likes attention and snuggling when it's on HIS terms and for short periods. Stimpy is the complete opposite and is VERY vocal at all times, following people around meowing, climbing in laps, pawing (not scratching) at faces for attention ALL THE TIME, climbs on counters and ignores squirt bottle, and begs for food even after he's been fed. The two cats got along fairly well after a couple of weeks of slow introductions and have slowly gotten to the point where they will lay within 1-2 feet of each other and have play fights regularly (i know they were playing because one cat was never ALWAYS the aggressor, no injuries, no intimidation....etc...).

So here's the issue....in the past 2 weeks, Stimpy has turned into a DEVIL. He is CONSTANTLY antagonizing Chunk while he's sleeping, causing small scratches on him, to the point where Chunk just runs and is in hiding under the bed most of the time. He's really gotten rough with him and it's no longer a 2 way street. Chunk has no interest in playing with him in this manner and will growl, and meow loudly when Stimpy comes near. Also, when the cats are eating, Stimpy will eat some of his own food and then stand right next to Chunk, intimidating him while he's finishing his meal. Stimpy has even swatted at Chunk while he's eating. I've tried squirting Stimpy with a spray bottle, making loud noises, and putting him in a time out away from Chunk when he starts this, but he goes right back to bullying Chunk immediately afterwards. I feel bad for Chunk and worry that his quality of life is suffering because he's constantly in hiding from Stimpy now. Please help!!
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Keep Stimpy away from Chunk however you can when he's eating... I don't free feed, but have specific times, and each cat has its own 'place' and bowl, and I take the 5-10 mins. necessary when they eat to just be hall monitor for the one(s) who finish fast and want to go after the others' food. And if the bowls aren't empty, I put them away for half an hour and bring them out again, and they usually finish them off then. Younger cats will always (well, usually) try to dominate older ones, so you need to give Chunk time alone by getting Stimpy into another room for a few hrs or so, and vice versa, if necessary when you're around. They're also vying for your attention though, so may be less 'out there' when you're not around, but keep a close eye on them to be sure Chunky stays well. And, of course, if either of them is not neutered, you're in for a lot of trouble, so get that taken care of.
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Good luck! Sending <<<<<<<<<<vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>> that a miracle will happen and they will soon love eachother Cats are cats, they are sometimes really weird! Keep us posted!
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As Larke said, Stimpy's trying to be dominate cat.
Tomas tries.. but occasionally if I see it I'll break them up and send Tomas after a toy for a bit till he cools down. He acts like a little devil too, does not listen, back talks, and is always pushing to see what he'll get away with. I'm not sure that's a kitten thing so much as just a young male thing..

Time apart, let Chunk have some peace and quite. If it means shutting Stimpy in or out of a room, so be it. If you can't feed them separately be prepared to sit over them and constantly redirect Stimpy to his own bowl, he may figured it out eventually and just eat out of his bowl if he knows it won't do him any good to bother Chunk.
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I too feed separately. It saves me a lot of grief!

My grandmother once had a cat that caused me to think about calling a priest...
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