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laryngitis in a dog?

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This may sound like a stupid question, but since I've never had a dog, I can't answer it! A friend has a yorkie and they left her home alone for the first time on Saturday. They've gone on short trips, but they were gone the entire day. When they came home, the dog went crazy welcoming them. She was yipping and barking and just dashing from person to person. Well, Sunday morning, they woke up and the dog has no voice. She has the hoarsest little bark. Can a dog loose its voice from abuse like a human can? I know I've gone to concerts and the next day couldn't talk from all the shouting I did. Or is this something more serious?
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I am pretty sure it is possible. I found this, very similar t your friends situation.


Dogs can develop laryngitis. When this happens, their bark usually changes pitch and you might say the dog is hoarse. I have seen this in dogs that have viral laryngitis or dogs returning from a few days at the kennel that have barked more than usual.
Your neighbor's dogs may have been barking for so long that their larynx has adjusted, or maybe their larynx is constantly inflamed and you recognize the hoarse bark as normal.
In any case, most areas have laws about excessive noise, its called "disturbing the peace". Contact your police department and ask what can be done to stop the noise. There are several training regimes that can be used to stop barking. Some veterinarians can "debark" does which involves snipping the vocal cords under anesthesia. The dogs still barks but not as loud, however, the cords sometimes regrow and the barking comes back. And if all else fails, the dogs can be brought into the house at night.
I found it on this site
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Thanks! I'll let my friend know her yorkie can have laryngitis!
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There are actually a lot of dogs that do that too themselves. I babysat dogs for friends in the neighborhood and a lot of the dogs would not stop barking when the owners left. It's just like humans, if they yell too much they will get laryngitis, if dogs bark too much they have the same fate. It will come right back. He just needs to rest his bark!
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I think it could be possible, but some dogs bark themselves to death and lose their "voice" and get hoarse. my hound, Buster has gotten his voice hoarse but it will come back in time.. his has but once in awhile he will get hoarse. I think it's normal.
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